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While Israel attempts to defend itself from Hamas terrorists, the narrative will change as it always does. Soon they will say that Israel “targets innocent people.” They fail to see the truth, that Hamas uses innocent people as human shields. What is more troubling and perhaps the most telling of this entire conflict, is that the same talking heads, the same world leaders do not care for the innocent people in Gaza. 

Egypt, for example, has consistently closed its border with Gaza. The Rafah border is the only portal to let people out and relief supplies in. Egypt doesn’t want to get sucked into the war. Diplomatic talks with Egypt have failed. While Gazans flock to the Rafah border, Egypt seems to not care. 

What about Turkey, Jordan, or even Iran? Any one of these countries could send ships to the Gazan seaports to rescue the Gazan civilians. Wishful thinking. Already the propaganda on social media has begun. Somehow this is all Israel’s fault. It’s easy to “talk.” But words with zero action are futile. Hamas continues to use human shields, and even forces its own citizens to remain in place. Meanwhile, Israel continuously drops leaflets to warn people ahead of time before bombing a building. Israel wants to eliminate terrorists. Hamas wants to eliminate its own people.  Any Middle East Country, and any Country, for that matter, could simply bring the innocent Gazans back to their Country.  

For now, it appears the US and Israel have agreed to develop a plan to enable humanitarian aid from donor nations and multilateral organizations to reach civilians in Gaza. Logic would say that the terrorists will simply use these supplies for themselves. The Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken has stated that the US is aware that Hamas may try to seize or destroy such aid once it enters Gaza but asserts that the US will condemn such actions if they happen and work to prevent them in the future. At the end of the day, nothing changes. 

They will say that Israel targets civilians. Yet “they” could care less about the people in Gaza. Actions, or lack thereof, speaks volumes.  

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Yoel Ackerman is a blogger and content writer at several media outlets, including the Lakewood Scoop and The Times of Israel. He also works as a Paralegal and is currently pursuing a degree in law. His content often includes the news of the day, from a legal perspective.
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