They Love To Blame Jews- Don’t They?!

We might start out by questioning who is ‘they’? The obvious answer is EVERYBODY!

Within minutes of a deadly explosion at the Al- Ahli Arab Hospital in the Gaza strip headlines blared across the world- ‘Hospital hit by Israeli air strike- hundreds dead.’ From Al Jazeera to The Wall Street Journal there was universal condemnation of Israel. Within minutes the informational conflagration was spreading throughout an already restless Middle East. However, within a few hours, pursuant to a thorough and orderly Israeli investigation it was ascertained beyond any shadow of a doubt that the explosion occurred because of a malfunction in an Islamic Jihad rocket shortly after launch towards Israel.

To further compound this global confusion of standards and morality Israel introduced incontrovertible evidence of Palestinian culpability in this unfortunate incident by producing both video showing the sequence of events and audio of Palestinian terrorists affirming that it was their rocket that had hit the hospital. By so doing Israel potentially compromised their own intelligence gathering capabilities, but it was felt that world is entitled to the truth.

So, there you have it. Within seconds of global internet exposure, the world took at face value the word of a bunch of blood thirsty terrorists and ascribed unchallenged and unlimited credibility to their misinformation just days after they targeted, massacred, and kidnapped countless innocent civilians in Israel.

This begs another fundamental question. Is ideological insanity in fact contagious?! Apparently, it is and vaccinations of truth have thus far proven ineffective in this overarching environment of double standards. The allies did not win wars against evil with proportionality. Israeli and foreign citizens in Israel were not inadvertently slaughtered as part of the collateral damage of a military campaign.

This pinnacle of hypocrisy makes the surgical removal of the terrorist cancer even more imperative in order to restore the global moral compass and enable both Israelis and Palestinians to have a future that is worth looking forward to.

G-d bless Israel. G-d bless the IDF.

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Spent most of my professional career in financial services but for some years now I have been a freelance writer and photographer with a keen interest in and love for Israel. Additionally I have been very involved in civic community relations.
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