They visit Auschwitz but not Jerusalem

Each year millions of people visit Auschwitz as well as other death camps and Holocaust museums.

Many shed a few tears for the Jews who were murdered and then go home and tell everyone there is no more anti-Semitism, they bash the Jewish nation and sign petitions demanding the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea.

The truth is that too many – if not the majority – of those who visit the death camps do not care and do not even accept Jewish rights. They either ignore or dislike actual living Jews. They visit and watch stuff about the Holocaust to masturbate their emotions, to satisfy their most macabre feelings of curiosity. They love dead Jews.

That’s why they visit Auschwitz but not Jerusalem.

About the Author
Romeu Monteiro is a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University and president of the student group Israel On Campus. Originally from Portugal, he is also an LGBT and pro-Israel activist.
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