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Thinking of Germany in the night – I’m actually at ease

The International Court of Justice in The Hague is becoming the scene of the decapitation of law and justice. South Africa accuses. The country of corrupt politicians, mass unemployment, growing slums and unleashed crime. This country is accusing Israel.

At first, this leaves you speechless. If you then question this new dimension of political absurdity, several reasons become apparent, as always. Firstly, the revolutionary agenda of the ruling ANC, its world view, which has been shaped by decades of Palestinian-Arab propaganda – a solidarity reflex.

Palestinians per se are still considered revolutionary in South Africa, even if Hamas is now openly propagating its global Islamization agenda. In addition, the fact that a failed state with extremely high social inequality wants to distract attention from its internal tensions is part of the logic of those in power.

The world today is divided into two axes: Democracies on one side, totalitarian systems of rule – along with their useful idiots – on the other. For the latter, Holocaust inversion, accusing Israel of genocide against Palestinians, is part of the modus operandi.

In the past, there was a political gray zone in between. Until October 7, it was a convenient retreat for Western democracies seeking to secure Arab petrodollars and stifle the rampage of domestic Islamists.

The end of the gray zone

In addition to prospects for peace, with the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, Hamas has also destroyed this gray zone with its biotope of myths. The extermination of the Jews and the planned domination of the Western world is no longer solely a black on white declaration in the Hamas charter. On October 7, the Jihadists showed that they keep their promise.

“October 7 was just a rehearsal,” says Yahiye Sinwar, after his monstrous mob murdered, raped, burned, mutilated and kidnapped thousands of Israelis. “We will dominate the entire 510 million square kilometers of this planet,” says Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Zahar.

Just as reliable as Hamas’ destructive fanaticism is the reflexive shield of its useful idiots, led by South Africa, which accuses the victims of Hamas massacres of genocide.

Israel, which arose from the ashes of the genocide against the Jews.

Israel, which endangers its own soldiers to protect Palestinian civilians from Hamas attacks during their evacuation. Israel, which delivers tons of gasoline, water, food and medicine to Palestinians while over 130 Israeli hostages starve and die because they lack clean water and essential medicines. While this same gasoline is fueling Hamas’ rockets against Israeli civilians. Israel, which medically treats Palestinian children while its daughters are being raped by Hamas.

There is one ray of hope in this madness: Germany’s decision to take a stand against it. And to expose it for what it is – the “political instrumentalization” of genocide.

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Melody Sucharewicz is a German-Israeli communication and strategy consultant and a former foreign affairs adviser to Minister Benny Gantz.
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