This Is Israel

Inspired by “The Lost Generation” by Jonathan Reed


I apologize on behalf of Israel

And never will it come to pass that

I acknowledge her technological achievements and humanitarian aid

Don’t be surprised when

“Never again”

Will happen time and time again

Standing up for Israel

Must stop

Brainwashing children

Doesn’t happen

Opening floodgates on Palestinians

Is not acceptable

Media bias

Is not an accurate term


Needs to end now

The UN acting inconsistently

Has not occurred

An equal attempt at peace from both sides

Is something the Israelis won’t take part in

It is understandable that aiming rockets at civilians

In the name of democracy

May take place


Can happen

And believing in freedom

Is necessary

Because equality for all people

Will never include this Jewish state

An apartheid nation

This is Israel


And this will become the only known truth, unless we can turn around and proudly say:

About the Author
I am a sophomore at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign studying Animal Sciences. I am a Hasbara fellow on this campus this year following a year as a CAMERA fellow. I am involved in Israel Advocacy n campus through Hillel, Illini Students Supporting Israel and Illini Public Affairs committee.
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