This is Your Time! Thoughts on Parshat Bo

This week’s parsha contains the first mitzvah given to the Jewish people as a whole the mitzvah of Kiddush Hachodesh or sanctification of the new month. The sanctification of the new month gives us the ability  to decide based on different calculations and a variety of other factors which are explained in the Mishnah and Talmud Tract. Rosh Hashanah in great detail when the Jewish holidays are for the year. While nowadays we have these calculations set in our calendar we can still learn a lot from this mitzvah.

As part of this mitzvah it is us who set when the holidays are. Unlike Shabbat were we say in our Tefillot prayers that God sanctifies Shabbat it is us who sanctify the set times or the holidays. From here we see that we have a tremendous power to use our time well.

May we merit to use our time properly and truly be mekadesh or sanctify not only the holidays but every single day of our lives.

May Moschiach come soon!

Good Shabbos, Shabbat Shalom, Gut Shabbes-Gidon Herschander Shevat,5776

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Gidon Herschander made aliyah in August 2015 and currently lives in Jerusalem Israel. He loves Torah, living in Israel, engaging and posting via social media, and blogging about Aliyah, Life In Israel, Torah, Being young and a variety of other topics
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