This Rosh Hashanah parody video has a surprising twist…

The new year is upon us and as always, I am happy to present another Jewish parody video – this time, a parody of the song, “Rude” by Magic! (the exclamation point is part of their name).

But it’s not all fun and games as it has been in years past. This video light-heartedly portrays the culture of overeating and overstuffing of food, specifically brisket, kugel, and chicken (replace the word, “Rude” with “food” and you’ve got yourself a song). All too often, we take these bounties of food for granted and we don’t think of those less fortunate.

It dawned on me that every year during the high holidays, there is always a stress on the importance of donating food to families in need. I have distinct memories of going to impoverished Jewish families and donating food during Rosh Hashanah with my parents and my brother when I was younger, and I remember the trucks at our synagogue that collected cans of nonperishable food items.

I usually do a silly video for Jewish holidays, and they’re really fun to make, but I never feel like I am doing anything meaningful or making a difference, so I wanted to use this year’s video to make that difference.

I reached out to City Harvest, and they were kind enough to let me work with them and mention their food drive for the High holidays at the end of my video. You can learn more about their food drive at

Happy watching, and make sure you donate some food!

About the Author
Eric Niederman is a Jewish comic. He performs standup in New York and also produces Jewish-themed comedy videos and parodies.
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