Three Steps to Making Your Life an Oasis of Blessings

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The following article is dedicated in honor of the 41st completion (on Lag B’omer 5782) of the Yad Hachazakah – Mishneh Torah of the Rambam, based on the few last chapters of his Magnum opus. 

The Bible instructs us to take three steps when reentering the Land of Israel with the coming of Moshiach. They are: first, nominate a king; second, eradicate the tribe of Amalek; and third, build a sanctuary.

Our own lives are a microcosm of the world at large. All commandments and instructions in the Torah are a lesson for everyone in his small world. “The world was placed in his heart.”

Once a student came to his Rebbe and said he wanted to move and live in the Holy land of Israel. The Rebbe told him, “Make your environment an Israel.” Everyone can and must make his little world into a Holy place where God would be comfortable to dwell.

When the Bible commands the Israelites in the wilderness to build a sanctuary, the words are, “And I will dwell in them.” It does not say “I will dwell in it,” but “in them.” Our sages tell us this comes to teach us that everyone can and must make out of their own lives a sanctuary for God to dwell.

How exactly do we accomplish that? The first step is to establish a king. A king is an ultimate arbitrator and judge. A person must not allow himself to be swayed in every direction that he is blown. There must be a leading and underlying value system, an authority who rules in a person’s life.

Emotions are scattered and fragmented. The mind in which the Godly soul resides is considered the king in the life of a human being. We must be aware of our habits, our desires, and our pressures in life; and, with our mind, decide whether our choices are good for us or not. We must ask ourselves, “Is this decision in line with my values and goals in life?”

The next step is to eradicate the evil tribe Amalek. In Hebrew, this word has the same numerical value as “doubt,” and Amalek itself can also be understood as meaning “cold and unenthusiastic.”

When a person establishes a king in his life, immediately, there comes the anti-negative energy that challenges, cools our enthusiasm, and creates doubt. Then questions start cropping up: Maybe it is not suitable for me; maybe it is not the right time; perhaps it is too much for me; perhaps I will fail at this and look like a fool—anything and everything to hamper our progress onward.

Therefore, we are told to eradicate this (Amalek) pest. Where do we find the strength to do that? One of the significant statements in the Bible is that, in the merit of reciting this following verse, the soldiers were assured to win their wars. Shema Yisrael – “Listen Israel the Lord our God the Lord is one.” FAITH.

The knowledge that God is everywhere and that He is the same God on the battlefield as He is back home. He is the one that made each of us, who gave us the mission, and guaranteed us success. Strengthening our faith is the antidote to cold, confusing doubt.

Enthusiasm is faith manifested. Excitement, passion, zeal, and zest come from a mind and heart that knows failure is not an option because of our faith in God’s assurances. If any soldier were fearful in his heart, he would be sent home, for “Fear is the beginning of defeat.”

Once a person’s loyalty and commitment are to his king — his fear, doubt, and coldness is eradicated through the strengthening of his faith and he comes to the last step: building a sanctuary out of his life.  How is that done?

King Solomon tells us, “In all your ways, know Him,” and, “All your deeds should be for the sake of heaven.” By infusing all we do with a Godly purpose, we make our lives a dwelling place for the Divine, for the miraculous, and for all that is blessed.

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