Three years and still going

So today is my Aliyahversary, 3 years since I stepped onto a plane in Luton and took a step into different world.  I came to Israel seeking I suppose a new challenge and a new life, I felt like I had come to the end of the road in London.  My job was being moved outside of London and there was no way to stay with the company or to find a job in London.  So what is a single guy to do with nothing to keep him in the UK?  Israel they said, ‘you’ve always loved being in Israel when we’ve been on holiday’.  And from that simple sentence an idea grew until 2 years after I had looked into Aliyah, I was waving goodbye to my family, my friends and the life I knew in England to try and find my way in Israel.

So stepping off the plane this time not as a tourist or an organised trip this time I was here to stay and heck there was definite culture shock for me, at least though I wasn’t alone in this: in a group flight where everyone is in the same position it shares the experience and also from my flight here I was surprised I wasn’t alone with several others all heading to Haifa and to the Ulpan which somehow made the transition easier.. I came alone and apart from a few friends and friends of family I had no one out here.  When I’ve spoken to Israelis they have all said the same thing to me that I must be crazy to be here, especially coming alone.  I tell them the same thing, I am here because I want to be here and because I want it, my family supports me even miles away and I am not truly alone.

Over my time here, I’ve lived in Haifa, lived in Rishon LeZion and only when I moved 18 months ago to Tel Aviv, did I feel like my life had begun here in Israel  After a bumpy first 18 month in all aspects, I managed to find a job and settle into it for a long period, and as we approach November I’m actually moving on to a new job and a new challenge and that is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, after all I’ve grown comfortable where I am and perhaps that’s the thing about life, you have to keep moving, settling only when you feel you have found your way and not for the sake of it.

Over the 3 years I’ve experienced highs, I’ve experienced lows, made friends and lost friends and been called crazy for being here mostly by native Israelis and even a few of my friends back home.  Despite all this I wouldn’t change the last 3 years for anything, I’m here and I can’t wait to see what the next 3 years have in store for me.

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I'm Adam from England. Been writing a blog about my experiences here in Israel since I made aliyah in October 2011 as a way for my friends in the UK to see what I'm getting up to.
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