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Tim Pool From TIMCAST IRL gets the current Gaza/Israel war

Current conflict between Hamas and Israel started during the beginning of Ramadan when East Jerusalem Palestinians were assaulting Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem.

During the beginning of Ramadan many Jews were being assaulted for being outwardly Jewish.

Palestinian Jerusalemites who enjoy the ability to travel throughout Israel/Palestine without any special travel permit.

Palestinian Jerusalemites who work with Jews on a daily basis and enjoy the benefits of the university education in Israel.

Filmed themselves tearing Israeli flags and attacking Jews coming back from prayers from the Western Wall.

Police reacted to the violence by preventing Jews from walking into the Arab quarter and setting up checkpoints to prevent more violence.

Some radical Palestinian groups accused Israel of discriminating against the Arab population in Jerusalem and encouraged youth to riot.

Israeli police eventually removed the checkpoints within the old city in order to quell the violence.

Radical groups decided to focus their attention to the Sheikh Jarah neighborhood and fomented violence against Jews in the neighborhood.

The court case of the house in question of Sheikh Jarah was proven to be Jewish property under the Ottoman period.

The Supreme court of Israel was looking to find an eviction date for the current Arab tenants.

The decision of the Supreme Court was delayed because of the violence in the neighborhood.

As Jerusalem Day ( an Israeli holiday mostly celebrated by National Religious Jews celebrating the reunification of Israel in 1967) began on Monday during the beginning of the week, both Palestinians and Israeli Border Police clashed during the day.

Jerusalem police stated that Palestinian rioters were throwing stones and shooting fireworks at the police, such action later forced them to storm the mosque compound.

Hamas has used this situation as an excuse to get involved demanded the Israeli government release all rioters in prison and remove all Jews from Sheikh Jarrah or at 6pm they would launch rockets.

Hamas being true to their word fired hundreds of rockets towards the center of the country, Jerusalem, the civilian airport, and the area near Gaza which resulted in Israeli strikes.

Hamas wants to create more chaos used the fire on Al Aqsa as propaganda to incite Arab citizens of Israel.


According to MemriTv,

” Hamas Political Bureau Member and former Minister of the Interior Fathi Hammad urged the people of Jerusalem to “cut off the heads of the Jews.” His remarks were made in a public address, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas-Gaza) on May 7, 2021. Hammad demonstrated how they should “cut their heads off” from the artery. He added that a knife only costs five shekels, saying: “with those five shekels, you will humiliate the Jewish state.”  Hammad continued to say that Jews have spread corruption and acted with arrogance, and their day or reckoning and moment of destruction have come. In September 2016, Hammad was designated as a terrorist by the U.S. State Department.”

The firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip reached an unprecedented number of rockets being fired toward Israel.

Some Israeli Arabs saying they were acting in defense of Al Aqsa went to attack any Jew they could find in their city.

Violence in Lod against Jews grew to such a level that synagogues in Lod were burned down, Jewish homes, cars and businesses were vandalized.

In response to the situation, many of the Jews in Lod accused the police of failing to protect them.

Armed Jewish volunteers showed up to Lod from the West Bank and other parts of Israel to defend Jewish lives.

Three Jews who shot at a rioter in self-defense were arrested and awaiting sentencing from a district judge.

Jews from periphery cities from Bat Yam and Tiberias wanted revenge for the day before and decided to go out to lynch Arabs the following day.

In Bat Yam, one Israeli Palestinian was severely injured when Jewish rioters tried to murder him in the street.

In Akko and Um Al Fahm they attempted the lynching of a Jewish family who managed to get away with serious injuries.

Israel has been fighting rockets, terror tunnels, drones, and RPG attacks from Gaza, while also having to deal with civil unrest within its borders.

Political commenters being very irresponsible in their journalistic integrity have begun to blame Israel for the current situation.

Trevor Noah from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show posted a video infantilizing Israelis and Palestinians.

Noah’s premise was that because Israel is stronger and bigger than Hamas, Israel should not respond like it did.

Noah’s analysis of the situation was very shallow and lacked greater context into what is actually happening in Israel.

Hamas firing over a thousand rockets into Israel and the possibility of having many more launched could overwhelm Iron Dome resulting in thousands of casualties.

Any country that did not respond to such an attack would be incompetent for not defending its own citizens.

BBC presenter accused the Israeli Ambassador to the UK of Israel deliberately murdering children.

Journalists have to be critical when asking an interviewee questions, but this reporter was completely unethically trying to provoke the Israeli Ambassador by claiming Israel deliberately targeted children.

Any Journalist can go on the Israeli Defense Forces website and see the IDF striking only certain military targets.

Instead of doing any real research before doing the interview it looks like she watched a bunch of YouTube videos of children being killed without any facts.

A third of Hamas rockets end up falling into Gaza and killing their own civilians, but the reporter never once brought it up.

A journalist who interviewed the chairman of Yamina, Naftali Bennett blamed the situation on Israel being an occupying force.

Bennett responded very well to the journalist, the journalist himself should have done proper research to know the root of the current conflict.

Many news outlets are biased towards Israel unless they are right-leaning which are few and in between.

Journalists regardless of their own political opinions should be able to research and ask good questions without repeating lies to get a reaction from the interviewee.

Tim Pool who leans to the left, but abandoned the left due to the radicalization of many liberals.

Pool eventually supported President Trump in the last American election despite his many disagreements with the Republican Party.

Recently Tim Pool on his Timcast IRL commented on the situation between Hamas and Israel.

Tim Pool’s commentary along with his guest Robby Starbuck were able to maintain bias and report on what is happening.

Pool made the first really good point about how incredibly left-wing activists are supporting a terror group even though their values are different.

Robby Starbuck made a really good point about how Hamas uses videos of crying children to get sympathy without any real context.

Most effective weapon in the public relations war is Hamas’ ability to show children crying and claim Israel is responsible without any proof.

Tim Pool asks a great question because there was an NBC anchor who stated Palestine also has a right to defend itself.

Pool’s question is answered that Hamas was the aggressor because they fired first.

Tim goes on to ask if the issue about how is Hamas defending itself when they are firing rockets into civilian areas?

Tim later goes on to answer that if there are evictions in the West Bank and your response is to target civilians then its terrorism.

Ian Crossland claimed the Palestinians in the West Bank can only leave their house a few hours a day, have to go through checkpoints and do not have access to clean water.

Crossland is mistaken because Palestinians do have access to clean water, its just limited how much they get because the PA has refused for over ten years to negotiate with Israel on water rights.

Palestinians can leave their homes whenever they want as long as their is no curfew imposed because of corona.

The army can imposes a curfew if a resident of their city committed a terror attack against an Israeli and prevent them from going to work.

Palestinians go through checkpoints but, its mostly like going through any kind of airport security because the Palestinian Authority have their own autonomy.

For thirty years Palestinian terrorists have entered Israel from the West Bank to murder Jews, so the Israeli government set up check points to prevent terrorists from murdering their own citizens.

Pool said it had to do with evictions in the West Bank which is not where the evictions are taking place.

Evictions are taking place on Palestinian families who fled Haifa in 1948 and were given Jewish property by the Jordanians.

Liberation of Jerusalem led Jews going to the Supreme Court of Israel showing ownership documents from the Ottoman period proving they were the owners.

Palestinians living there were considered to have tenant rights as long as they paid rent.

Palestinian tenets refused to pay rent and the owners of the home sold the property to Ateret Cohanim who began legal proceedings to evict them.

Tim Pool explains that firing into non-military targets are pointless in wining a war, plus he politely corrects Ian when he says Israel and Hamas are theocratic.

Pool further explains how he has been to Israel and how much of a liberal country it is compared to the rest of the Middle East.

By the end of the segment on Israel they draw a connection between Biden giving Palestinians money and Hamas firing rockets into Israel three months later.

Tim Pool not being part of the mainstream media was able to paint a better picture on the ground than many Mainstream News Outlets like Al Jazeera and the BBC.

Absolutely excellent commentary, if only more Journalists and commenters can properly analysis a situation and put their biases aside.

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