Time to Protest Against the Protestors

Frankly I am tired of listening to the voices of those who are protesting the alleged “torture” of known Jewish terrorists, particularly the sick-minded youths who committed the heinous massacre of an innocent Palestinian family in the village of Duma. Their “cry of pain” is directed against the Shin Bet, our national Security Agency, which does not use illegal methods to obtain the results they seek.

It is time for all of us, decent law-abiding Israeli Jewish citizens, to protest against the protestors and to encourage them to cease and desist from defaming our protectors. Time and again I have spoken out and written about my objection to special treatment for Jews of any age who commit terrorist crimes against Arab Muslims, Christians, and even against other Jews who vocally condemn their criminal activities.

Jewish terrorism consists of vandalizing Christian churches and monasteries, of destroying and defacing non-Jewish religious texts and holy artifacts, and going to the extreme of beatings, burnings, and killings of innocent Arab civilians, of scribbling messages of virulent hate upon the walls of their churches, mosques and homes.

We Jews have experienced such hate crimes over many centuries at the hands of church leaders and their anti-Semitic followers. “Al achat kama v’kama….” How much more so, then, should we refrain from doing to others the hate crimes which they did to us?

I denounce the families and friends, usually among the Orthodox community, who herald the crimes of their terrorist sons, who praise them for “avenging” Jews who had endured Arab terrorist cruelty.

These groups of protestors need to understand that as parents they are responsible for the actions of their children and are therefore themselves not blameless for the crimes which they have admittedly committed. It is the duty of every Jewish parent to teach their children respect for others and defense of the innocent. Of what crime against Jews was a nine-month old Arab baby boy guilty? What Orthodox bet din or yeshiva rabbi sanctioned the burning to death of an Arab family?

When I was married in Tel-Aviv in 1960 by the well-known and respected Rabbi Ravitz, I recall the story he shared with me of how he had been saved by an Arab family during the 1929 Hebron pogrom. And he was not the only one whose life was spared. Many decent Arabs hid their Jewish neighbors in their homes to protect them from the murderous rioters of the Mufti’s followers. Not every Arab was or is a terrorist. Not every Arab was or is a slayer of Jews.

Those guilty of such crimes are tracked down by our police forces, interrogated by our Shin Bet Security Services, and eventually brought before the bar of justice for legal and correct punishment. We do not take the law into our own hands. We are not, thank God, vigilantes. We are a people who have written the laws and who uphold those laws.

It is time for the protestors to silence themselves and to praise our protectors rather than defaming them. It is time for those protestors to condemn the acts of their sons which have brought shame upon our country by the civilized world.

Our criminals in Israel are fortunate if they are apprehended by our Shin Bet. If they had been arrested in many other countries, their fate at the hands of police and other government agents might be completely different. In those countries, torture is an acceptable means to force confessions from criminals. Thankfully, we in Israel have more humane and still effective methods.

It is time right now to end the protests against the Shin Bet. They deserve our praise, our respect, and national honor for the life-saving efforts which their work demands of them.

The Duma Jewish terrorists are guilty of unimaginable crimes and they must suffer the consequences of their ill-thought actions. Lengthy prison sentences must be their punishment….many years to sit in prison and reflect upon their mis-deeds while enjoying their kosher meals and the humane treatment which they will receive.

Hopefully many more voices will be heard among our population protesting against the protestors…the families and friends of the accused… and reason and honor and pride in our Security Services and our sense of fair justice will be restored and returned to our country. And we will have rightfully earned the respect of the outside world.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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