Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


How do you go in a submersible, deep down into the ocean, without rigorous inspection?

Why were the participants so naive, so trusting? Why didn’t they do due diligence? (Reportedly others did ask questions, and based on what they heard, decided not to go.)

And another question: Why didn’t people who saw the danger, sound the alarm?

The ocean is a wondrous place, but also a dangerous place for the unprotected. When we go into it, especially so deep down, we need to ensure that our vessel can prevent the tremendous water pressure from entering.

By investigating, asking questions, and asking the opinion of experts experienced and knowledgeable in these matters, we can better assess the risks, and decide if we are most probably safe.

And not follow others blindly, even if we have a passion to explore, and even if the leader is charismatic.

Actually, the above can be not only a lesson regarding submersibles, but also for life in general.

The soul descends into this world, is clothed in a body, and engages with the surroundings. It’s a magnificent and wondrous world, where we can see G-d’s handiwork. But there are also possible dangers, and we need to protect ourselves.

When we want to explore our environment, we dare not blindly rely on charismatic figures promoting newfangled theories. Rather, we need to follow G-d’s instructions. He made the world. He is the expert on how to negotiate it safely, shield ourselves from external harm, and ensure that our internal space is conducive to our wellbeing.

And those who realize this must publicize it, so that society prospers safely, peacefully, and morally. So that we are able to appreciate G-d’s wonders.

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