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Today’s Tip: Look the Computer in the Eye

Eye contact is crucial to communication. How do we make eye contact when speaking to remote audiences?

Another baffling aspect of the Zoom meetings/lectures is that people don’t think “Where is the camera on this thing?”

Have you noticed that people never seem to look you in the eye?  They are looking to the side at the other people appearing on the screen or down at their own presentation or the chat.  This is rather disturbing for people watching you speak.

The key is to remember that if you are speaking, the camera is at the top of your screen where that little green dot is.  Try to look there.

Therefore it is also important that the camera is eye level.  You may need to actually raise the computer screen so that the top of the screen where the camera is located is level with your eyes/face.  I have a handy, thick Thesaurus.  It does the trick.

Look at the frame before you join the meeting.  Practice with others before leading a meeting or lecture online.  Record it and look afterwards.  This frame is just like the screen for the news broadcasters.  We are used to people looking straight at us and joining us in our living rooms.

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Linda Lovitch is a media and communications consultant in Israel, working with government spokespersons, ambassadors, high tech executives, start-ups, universities and non-profits. Linda helps people to communicate with clarity and confidence whether talking to live, televised or online audiences.
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