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Today’s Tip: No Nostril Hair Allowed

It's not nice to look down your nose at someone. You know what's worse? Making them look up your nose! Just...don't!

In the past few months, we have suffered through endless Zoom meetings. We are getting used to the pre-call technical difficulties.

“I don’t hear anyone.”

“Can you see me?”

“Can you hear me?”

“Daddy’s on an important call. I will be with you in a few minutes.”

Yet, people still do not look at their own frame and say, “Hey, I look weird.” There is a picture staring at you — yes, that is you!! And that is how all of the other people see you on the call. Don’t you care?

Do you really want everyone looking up your nose at your nostril hair? Probably not. Then, you must make an adjustment to the position of the camera on your phone or laptop. Sometimes people just hold their phone below them, so it is naturally looking up at them. Have none of you watched KKW? She is always holding her phone directly in front of her face or slightly above (that’s for the selfie). If you are using a laptop, check the angle of the screen — again — the camera should be opposite your face, not your chin. Play with it until you look fabulous.

Sometimes a small adjustment goes a long way. And for the good or the bad, we will be using video conferencing for meetings, online teaching and webinars for a long time to come. At least make sure you look your best.

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Linda Lovitch is a media and communications consultant in Israel, working with government spokespersons, ambassadors, high tech executives, start-ups, universities and non-profits. Linda helps people to communicate with clarity and confidence whether talking to live, televised or online audiences.
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