Top 10 ways to look forward to Passover this year (without the panic)

Panicking yet? Three weeks away and I, like most tribe members, have begun feeling that pre-Passover cleaning anxiety.

Should we stop shopping for chametz (grain foods) now and try to finish up what’s in the pantry? Should we start stocking up on matzah and kosher-for-Passover goods now or wait a bit longer? When should we start cleaning to make time for kashering and cooking…?

It’s a new year with the same old questions. We can’t help but forget the routine from year to year (except for the panicking part).

“This year we won’t panic,” we tell ourselves in brief moments of motivation. Yeah right… it’s inevitable! It is the most complex, rule-riddled, food-specific, heartburn-filled holiday of the year (is Tums kosher-for-Passover? I forgot).

To ease some of that anxiety, I decided to devise a light-hearted list of Top 10 reasons to look forward to Passover this year (without the panic):

10) Keep calm, it’s 2-for1! This year the Passover Seders fall on Friday and Saturday nights (outside of Israel). No need to cook for Shabbat too.

9) Your dog loves Passover. Don’t bother with over-priced, kosher-for-Passover dog food. Dogs love home cooked food (and matzah too!).

8) If you’re Sephardi, it’s that time of year to feel extra special. You have foods that say on their labels they were made just for you (and forbidden to others). Might as well be a celebrity.

7) If you’re Ashkenazi, you get to see the look on your kid’s face when they find the Afikoman and win a new bike or the latest Playstation or XBox (was always jealous of my Ashkie friends growing up).

6) Matzoball soup is awesome on Passover (sorry, my Lubavitcher friends).

5) OCD heaven. Spring cleaning was made for Passover. Imagine how clean your house will be after you search for that last morsel, that final crumb.

4) It’s like American Thanksgiving but in the springtime. All that family coming over, drama over who’s custom is right, the in-laws, the kids complaining they want to eat already, struggles to keep your eyes open (only this time, we can’t blame it on the tryptophan).

3) Time to show-off your skills. Show them who’s boss when making that perfect Haroset – extra muddy.

2) It’s the only week of the year to enjoy this 3-course meal: matzah-brei, matzah-pizza and chocolate-covered matzah.

1) And the number one way to look forward to Passover this year (without the panic) is…

Remember that after the fourth cup of wine you’ll be so relaxed, you won’t even care about the sandwich you forgot on top of the fridge.

About the Author
Canadian-born Michael Medina heads The Kosher Kitchen Catering Co. and Medina Cuisine, a gourmet kosher caterer located in Rockville, MD. Featured in the Washington Business Journal, Northern Virginia Magazine and the Washington Jewish Week, Michael has also appeared as a guest on a local radio show discussing "Keeping Kosher in Washington." Together, Michael's team has served events of over 1500 guests and catered to dignitaries, most recently to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
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