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Torah Learning through the Song of the Soul – A new series of Events starting in Jerusalem

In the first event featuring R’ Shlomo Katz, musicians will talk about their Torah, their Spiritual heroes and how Music is a spiritual aid for the soul.  Future Musicians will i’h include Aaron Razel, Chizki Sofer, Yehuda Katz, Chaim Dovid and more

We have a resurgence in the use of Music to inspire us to be more spiritual and more connected to the Torah. Why do I say resurgence? Music was a key component of the Temple Service in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks writes – “ Why call the Torah a song? Because if we are to hand on our faith and way of life to the next generation, it must sing. Torah must be affective, not just cognitive. It must speak to our emotions”.

This new program is starting In Jerusalem will a have different Musician talk about his Torah, his influences, the Rabbis and Rebbes that influence him. In many cases, there are many influences from Rav Kook, The Lubavitch Rebbe, Rebbe Nachman and other Rebbes. It also no surprise that most of these Musicians are followers or influenced by Reb Shlomo Carlebach.

This new program is being initiated by the Kotler brothers – Chaim Ori & Aviad Kotler of the Carlebach Minyan in Kiryat Moshe. The Kotler brothers themselves are talented musicians who lead many Carlebach Tefilat and they themselves are connected to deep Torah study in Yeshivat Beit El.

So what was unique about  Reb Shlomo Carlebach? Reb Shlomo was a Gate Opener.

Shlomo opened many gates, and even now his music, Torahs, teachings and stories are still opening many gates. Some obvious examples:  bringing in Shabbat with joy, Love of Israel and Jerusalem, love of the Jewish people – the list goes on.  Another is the use of guitars in Jewish services and events which are used across the spectrum of Jewish observance to inspire Jews worldwide.

Music – Shlomo’s music is so much part of mainstream Jewish music that is impossible to identify it.  In fact, when enquiries we made about collecting royalties, his melodies were identified as National Music, as a National Treasure. From Am Yisrael Chai to Holocaust Memorials, from Weddings to Kumsitz – communal singing.

Jewish Education & inspiration – Shlomo opened e new spiritual path that combines Judaism with its spiritual and creative side. As a result, we have three generations of teachers leading. These include environmentalists, artists, and musicians combining their talents with Torah & Jewish mysticism. Other examples include Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo in Jerusalem, The House of Love and Prayer in Safed, or the numerous Carlebach Friday night services which are havens for those seeking a closer connection to God through Judaism.

For further Inspiration, weekly Parsha Blog and more about the contributions of Reb Shlomo – see


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