Trade Up #1: From One Red Lego to One Rose Gold Pen Case

Yael Nehama Respes is trading one red lego with Avraham Ben Shalom and his brothers, Moshe (back left) and Yehuda (back right).
Yael Nehama Respes is trading one red lego with Avraham Ben Shalom and his brothers, Moshe (back left) and Yehuda (back right).

This piece is written By Devorah B. about her experiences in Israel and her connection to Aleeza and the Ben Shalom Family.

Devorah: There’s a running joke for Olim Hadashim, new immigrants to Israel: What’s the first word you need to learn in Hebrew? The answer: סבלנות, Savlanut, which means patience.

Not just to be able to define the word, but to develop a true understanding of its meaning within the culture of Israel. And once you think you have it, not to be disappointed, dare I say exasperated, when the meaning, abruptly and without any warning, changes and leaves you sarcastically joking, “Yah, I want to make Aliyah!”

The Ben Shalom’s were first introduced to a definition of “Hebrew Patience” before they even stepped foot in Israel. The long arms of bureaucracy reached across the miles just days before the family was about to board their Aliyah flight in February 2021. There were to be 8 members on board, the smallest one being Koda, the Kelev (dog.) However, at the last minute, pets were declined entry due to hotel quarantine restrictions. Talk about redefining patience! There was no way this family was going to leave their furry friend behind; and thus, they embarked upon a social media campaign that helped persuade those in charge to allow alternative arrangements to be made for their pet while the family remained in hotel quarantine supplied by the government. 

Having patience to overcome this challenge was crucial, and was just the first of many scenarios in which this family’s patience would be tested. Learning Hebrew in school, and on the “street”, along with any communication requiring Hebrew demands an immense amount of patience. A visit to the bank, DMV, post office or grocery can be met with confusion or misunderstanding, potentially resulting in a failed mission. That’s when Captain Patience steps in to help, just in the nick of time! Any experience with the myriad government offices, which initially seem unconquerable, can be eased with a little bit of patience (and sometimes a lot of tears)! In short, most Olim will agree that learning the meaning of “Savlanut” can be a life saver in dealing with many interactions in daily life here.

So goes the story of the One Red Lego project. With patience, the project has officially begun! The first trade up was offered on January 1st 2022 and virtually accepted ten days later on January 11, 2022. The official trade up was made with Yael Nechama Respes just before Shabbat on Friday the fourteenth. Yael lives in Pardes Hanna and we found out she is also from Philadelphia like the Ben Shalom Family!

We are now offering: a rose gold pen case with a handy strap and zipper to keep your favorite writing instruments safe and sound. Our goal is to trade up from one red leg to a second hand 9 passenger van. So what’s all this about? Read this to learn more!

We are patiently waiting for a wonderful trade up offer and can’t wait to meet a new friend in the process.

?מי רוצה

Who wants to trade?

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