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Robyn Spizman
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Tradition Tradition!

Every year as the Jewish new year approaches, I have a special tradition.  I don’t recall when I started it, but I’ve done it for years.  When I take note of the first acorn of the season that crosses my path, I pick it up and remind myself it’s a brand new year.  I feel grateful for so many things.  Usually the first acorn I discover is a prominent one, ripe in it’s bright green color with its cap on tightly, and certainly a proud representative of mother nature.

Today, was the first acorn I noticed and it was tiny.  It was very small, though symbolic in nature.  Thanks to its size, I decided it was a reminder to always count my blessings, both big and small.  It felt very appropriate as it’s small stature had a large message.

Today, I pulled out an array of greeting cards, thank you notes and went to work writing a thank you for a number of kind things done by friends or family.  It felt good.  And that tiny acorn sitting on my desk will have a proud place in my memory this year.

Life is made up of small moments.  My “first” acorn this year had a big punch, which I’ll take to heart in a great big way.

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Robyn Spizman is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author, nationally recognized television and radio personality, consumer advocate and leading gift and product experts. A communication's professional and lifestyle influencer, her latest book Loving Out Loud: The Power of A Kind Word (New World Library) was named by the renown author Dawna Markova (who wrote Random Acts of Kindness) as an actual random act of kindness. Robyn is dedicated to brightening the lives of others, creating meaningful memories and sharing creative ways to make the most of every day living life to the fullest. Robyn has appeared in the media for over four decades and was on NBC WXIA TV for over 30 years and seen often nationally on NBC's Today Show. For more information about Robyn and her books, visit her website at
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