Tragedy in Gaza

Update from Israel: I’ve been listening to the US news about the incidents in Gaza and most of the information has been incorrect.  There has been no mention that the Gazans have been pushed to the fence with women and children forced to the front. This is a clear crime against humanity but no one seems to care. Hamas continues to tell the people they will be martyrs, urging them to run through smoke coming from the burning tires. Children are, as usual, being used as human shields.  Hamas instructs its own civilians to pretend to be members of the Press. The truth is, in so many ways, the media is being played.

Of those killed, many are terrorists working with Hamas. Some of the US news outlets have implied that these are “peaceful demonstrations.”  But this is far from the reality on the ground.

On the Gaza border. (Courtesy)

During these riots, Gazans have been armed with Molotov cocktails thrown or flown over by kites. Helium filled balloons attached with incendiary devices are sent over the border creating havoc and devastation to parts of southern Israel. Smoke from burning tires along with attempts to breach the fence, using rock sling-shots,  meat cleavers, guns and other armed weapons have been ongoing.

Truckloads of medicine and supplies being driven by Israelis to give to the Gazan people, have not been allowed in by Hamas, the terrorist group that rules Gaza. They continue to harm both Palestinians and Israelis by sabotaging any possible prospects of peace.

Israel left Gaza in 2005, in the hopes that the people of Gaza would begin the process of state building. Every Israeli was removed from Gaza. Within hours the Gazans had destroyed everything the Israelis left for them, including green houses for agriculture which could have provided future income for them. It was not long before Hamas took over and murdered the Fatah government representatives, throwing them off buildings and murdering all who would get in their way.  Hamas has single-handedly destroyed state-building dreams by brainwashing children and investing in terror tunnels instead of schools and playgrounds. The misery in Gaza is a reality. But to omit the facts on the ground and Hamas’ role is manipulative and implies that Israel is overreacting to the actions by Hamas.

As of the writing of this article, over 25,000 dunam (6,200 acres) in Israel have burned. Terror kites and balloons continue to assault the farmland, forests and homes.

On the Gaza border. (Courtesy)

The simple truth is that Israel is now faced with defending its borders from Iran backed Hamas, just as any nation in the world would have to do, if faced with a similar threat to its sovereignty and its citizens.

Hamas (on Facebook) has urged people to bring knives, daggers, and guns to the Gaza rallies. The instructions were to kidnap Israeli civilians, and murder soldiers and settlers.  Maps to Israeli’s homes have been distributed in Gaza, so terrorists will know where to go to murder Israeli families in their homes. And some still insist on calling these riots peaceful protests.

If it’s up to Hamas, the blood of Palestinian young people spilled for propaganda purposes is worthwhile.  And the Western media will pick up the manipulation and print the outright lies. Maybe if the smoke gets in their eyes, they would be able to see what is really going on.

Maybe someday Hamas and their murderous credo will be overthrown in Gaza. Until then, Israel will continue to defend its borders, and its citizens, because the Jewish people will not be targeted for murder without a response, ever again.

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Carla Brewington earned her doctorate at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. She is a Christian volunteer speaker with the Israel Education Force (IEF) an outreach of the Israel education organization, StandWithUs. She can be reached at
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