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Trigger alert – Canadian PM said something

Why is it that what the current Canadian government says (and does in the UN) is so triggering for me, and I suspect, nearly all Canadian Jews, when we know for a fact that nothing the Canadian government (or the UN General Assembly) says will have any effect on Israel’s determination to achieve security? Why can’t we simply ignore the nonsense?

The answer is: what the government says about the international scene affecting Israel concretely and adversely affects the safety and comfort of all residents in Canada and, in this case, especially Jews.

Anti-Jewish activity within Canada has increased dramatically since Israel started reacting to the horrors of October 7 on October 8. This is true to a pattern which has been observed for decades: whenever Israel is in the news – especially if Israel is defending itself – Jews in Canada suffer a spike in anti-Jewish activity within Canada by others in Canada. This period, however, is unprecedented in extent, intensity, genocide-approving content and duration.

The more the government makes statements which are unfair to Israel or just plain inexcusably stupid, the worse the situation for Jews in Canada will be. Simply put, those inclined to violence (verbal, psychological, physical) will feel more “in the right” and more justified in their otherwise intolerable behavior, the more the government makes statements or takes action without care, thought or consideration of reality.  Hamas’s thanking Canada for the PM’s recent statements proves the point.

In calling for anything but immediate, unilateral, unconditional release of the hostages and the surrender of Hamas’s leaders to criminal justice proceedings, the Canadian government encourages, emboldens and bears some responsibility for the anti-social, anti-democratic, anti-Jewish behavior of Hamas’s supporters within Canada. In making statements that place the burden of peace or obligation for the safety of Gazans on Israel, the Canadian government directly feeds the psychopathy of those who wish (and are prepared to deliver) ill to Jews in Canada.

Nothing the Canadian government can do or say will change anything on the ground “over there.” But saying the wrong thing can and will make things worse in Canada for Canadians – Jews and others.

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Simon Adler divides his time between Kitchener, Ontario and Israel. A retired lawyer, he has a long history of service to his Shul and non-Jewish organisations.
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