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Trump actually had the “cojones” (courage) to act

I don’t want to use any words that might seem inappropriate or uncouth but how can we attribute the killing of public enemy #1, Soleimani, to someone we thought didn’t have it in him?

Trump has kept all of his campaign promises and does what he thinks is best for the American People.  He is not the type to care what anyone thinks of him, and is not a hypocrite.  We just were caught off guard since Trump pulled troops from the Middle East and really wants to keep out of the Middle East Quagmire.  But an American was killed in Iraq and that is his red line.  Good for him!  He had the courage to act.  That is a quality we need in an American President.

I admit I voted for Trump.  Being raised in a Democratic home in New York, we voted Democrat all down the line, until Hussein Obama.  Obama coddled the villains, the Mullahs, the terrorists and when you treat them as such, you get blown up.  Plain and simple.  Trump understands their language.  Trump took out Soleimani when Israel couldn’t.  They make a good team.  Trump kept America’s promise to move the Embassy to Jerusalem.  Many countries are following in his footsteps.  I don’t work for the Trump campaign but we who live here should be grateful.  We have a true friend in the White House that is taking care of business.  And if I am asked to volunteer for his campaign I will.

Dictionary definition of “cojones”…

Learn to pronounce
    a man’s testicles
    courage; guts.
    “he does not have the cojones to kill a flea”
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