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Trump the biggest?

The biggest loser of the midterm elections, that is

On the eve of midterm election night, Trump said, in his usual, modest way: When my candidates win, I deserve all the credit. When they lose, they deserve all the blame. But, what probably will happen is the reverse.

Well, many of his candidates lost, and he truly deserves the blame. And, immediately, he was widely blamed for it. How did he do it? Credible Republicans were pushed aside, having a Trump-supported-phone run instead, who then lost a sure race. He single-handedly made the GOP lose the Senate. The Democrats should declare him an honorary Democrat.

Though, it should be said that going against Trump’s Supreme Court’s betrayal of women on abortion really contributed to the GOP losing.

Not that Trump deserves any great applause for losing. That’s what he does all his life already. Standing on a melting, floating piece of ice, he would declare he was on the most stable ground. Just before drowning, he would jump onto another ice floe, stating that was on the most stable ground in the history of mankind, and then again, of the universe.

Born a baby millionaire, he lost all his money and then the savings of his very rich father. He declared that being president, he lost so much money. Well, that’s amazing given all the fraud he allegedly committed. But all in all, that’s needless bragging too. Not having been president, he would have lost a lot of money too. That’s the name of his game. He doesn’t need cryptocurrency to see all of it evaporate.

If he was the greatest philanthropist ever, going bankrupt would not have been so bad. But, it’s sad when your only try conning to get more money.

The failed con artist turned Russian spy (allegedly) also promoted a lot of (inter)national damage, from Corona to climate disaster, from Russian to North-Korean military violence, from supporting countless ruthless tyrants (deserting the public) to trying to change the US into a kingdom, and more.

Yet, all of this is relatively meaningless. Most significant is that he led the West to a level of dishonesty and deceit never seen before, coupled with things that cannot live without lies: unprecedented levels of Antisemitism, racism, sexism, LGBTQ oppression, and bigotry in general.

The greatest uptick is that activism is up too, with activists resolute to win.

Sadly, the fake news and disregard for facts and science will be with us much longer than the multi-bankrupted embarrassment who promoted this as no one else.

You still think he is a friend to Jews? He just uses us, as so much iffy ilk does, holding us hostage until throwing us under the bus to deflect blame.


Why do the creepiest Gentile leaders sometimes support Jews and Israel?

They try to compromise the morality of the Jews to keep them hostage

Do these bigots, liars, thieves, exploiters, tyrants, and fakers show their human side when they ‘admit’ that they like, admire, or love Jews?

Not at all. They don’t love Jews. They love what Jews can give them.

Many Jews work hard, are loyal, and are easy to throw under the bus when things go South for those leaders. They love Jews as much as those who say: I love fish, and then eat it. That’s not loving the fishes.

If needed, they can encourage an antisemitic revival to make it easier to blame the Jews working for them. It’s happened a million times.

And Jews are blamed. For success (caused by working harder, not by privilege). For supporting Trump. For doing deals with dictators.

Jews are portrayed as the really unimaginably powerful.

The right and the left also claim their Antisemitism is not as bad as long as they don’t mass murder Jews. But, intersectionalists blaming the Jews is a fatal flaw in cross-sectional solidarity. The exploiters are pleased.

Make no mistake. Even the loudest Jews are petrified. Even the richest Jews are powerless. As long as the Gentile majority lacks the morality to stand unconditionally with all Jews, it even lost its claim to righteousness and power to improve society for all.


The solution is not to blame the victims, the Jews.

The solution is to remove Jew-hatred among the general population, and leave no room for any hatred. When all Gentile trade unions declare unending solidarity with all Jews, no questions asked, the rulers can’t keep Jews hostage with fake guarantees that for Jews were better than nothing.

When the United Nations declare unending solidarity with Israel, no questions asked, the despots of the world cannot keep Israel hostage any longer with their fake guarantees that for Jews are better than nothing.

That’s why the Left faking support for Jews is worse than the Right doing so. The Trumps just use us; the Obamas enable them—though also do their own share of tricking and abusing the Jews.

When democrats stand with us, we don’t need the despots’ bear hugs.

US advertisers dropped an antisemite cause Jew-hatred is unpopular. Nice.


A history of fake

Leading and shadow societies weren’t always as messed up as ours

Yes, leading societies always had their measure of violence and disregard for humaneness. Sexism, slavery, mass murder, no small stuff.

Yet, if we look at present less-affluent populations, they are often better at happiness. What went wrong with the present-day (semi-) rich?

Religious Lies

Religious lies are holy and can’t be challenged

Religions that confabulate might go way back. But there is a difference between honest speculation to create hope and improvement, and con artistry meant to mislead, control, and exploit the masses.

Today, many people in the West, by the hundreds of millions, believe total nonsense from religious origin. And then I exclude useful speculations that may lead to good things, like Free Will leading to taking responsibility, and equality leading to fairness, even if those principles can’t be proven well.

Father Christmas, the Easter bunny, and the Tooth fairy may not be such fun, innocent lies we tell our children.

Serious religious work got replaced by beliefs. To believe without checking the validity of the claims became a virtue, a sign of piety.

True believers in G^d can still steal and murder. They get a sort of veil for their eyes, don’t see so sharply anymore true from false, good from evil, and tell themselves it might look ugly, but they do it for a valid reason.

An honorable mention goes to baseless beliefs in UFOs and alien life.

Economic Lies

The oppressed majority believes it’s their own fault or bad luck

Their original sin is the claim that there exist important and unimportant people. Most young people get taught that they don’t matter. The feeling of being dispensable then often continues into adult life—until the grave.

everyone, if s/he works hard enough, can make it from newspaper boy to millionaire Watered-down weak democracy comes with the same lie, that we’re all equally powerful. Just somehow, there appear dynasties of the rich and generations of the poor. Equality doesn’t really show. Because there isn’t much of it.

The richer, the better health care, safer cars, better taxes, better housing, better plane seats, etc. This is all legal in a society that pretends equality.

It even has in the Constitution that folks are entitled to pursue happiness. As if that can come from outside of oneself, from what we do or have.

It’s all the same message: You’re worthless unless you succeed. Then you become somebody. Yet, society doesn’t recognize or pay the hardest workers at all: mothers, housekeepers, wives, etc. Meanwhile, the higher up the societal ladder, the lonelier and unhappier the ‘successful’ ones feel. They hire psychiatrists to analyze them. It fails. It’s based on Freud’s deception that it’s just a child’s make-belief; there was no incest. The larger the fake smile, the larger the pharmacy bill and suicidal phantasy.

Sadly, not only are the masses robbed and exploited; but the greedy beneficiaries also are unhappy despite their large, undeserved loot.

Entertaining Lies

When fake is fun, it must be innocent

Storytelling is nothing new. It sometimes meant to kill time (for the rich), sometimes to deliver a wise message, sometimes to drive home a nasty lesson (you’re really powerless and should be petrified), and sometimes was escapism from the harsh realities of life. Most sold books are fiction.

First, there were play and opera. Harmless pastime for the wealthy. Then, the big screen came. Hollywood told us how to live. No one checked the validity of its norms. So, the accent on money and beauty, on revenge and disregard for human life were spread wide and far unhindered. Then, the small screen came. TV kept the tired workers passive and their wives quiet.

Then, the PC Internet replaced the TV, then, the iPhone replaced that. The smallest of screens. Swamped with complot theories, political lies, and fake sex, no one was safe anymore. (Fake sex is built around getting sexual arousal, instead of giving it to the other to strengthen a real relationship.)

Political Lies

The more bizarre the story, the greater the ‘hunch’ that this must be true

Now, the most malignant lies are that the truth is a hoax. There is no climate change, said the islander and drowned. One no longer tries to imitate reality when lying. The more outlandish the story, the greater the indignation and, by extension, the ‘intuition’ that this all must be true.

The Sciences were always crowded by the rich who largely lost all sense of reality early in life. With arrogance and condescension, they told the ones doing manual labor that their groundedness was just an illusion. This was the perfect political climate for Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics which are so far removed from everyday experience that in earlier times, no one would have been interested. Scientists now get a rabbit from their own hats when told that all their valid science is just a lie, while it isn’t.

The rich fund the right under the guise of liberty which really is freedom of regulation and lack of protection for the economically more vulnerable. The middle-class left-wing lies in that it is so convinced that it’s for the good of everyone that it permits itself the laziness of not explaining itself.

Many people are so innocent and unsuspecting that they can’t believe that those who say they are the honest ones are the biggest crooks. It would be ‘absurd’ if the biggest cons around are those saying: ‘You’ve been ignored and exploited by professional politicians, but I see you.’ But, they are.

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