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TRUMP, Truth or Dare?

“A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness”
– Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi

I’m not a fan of Trump.
Most New Yorkers will agree.
He was thought of as an arrogant prick, a corrupt narcissistic ogre.

He built giant buildings and glorified his name with signage all over our city. He built huge luxurious buildings where no one else seemed capable of. He was large, exuberant and obnoxious.

So when he was elected. I had a terrible panic attack. Each time I see his image or hear him, my stomach churns. I’m repulsed but NEVER shocked by his disgusting behavior.
At the same time, I never ever would have voted for Hilary!
And at one point, I was so in awe of that woman!

As a Jew, any mention of the KKK or white supremacy gets my blood pumping and frightens ever cell in my body. I was always told, “let them do as they want, they are fringe, ignore them, eventually, they will just disappear.”

We were never told to go out and negate them. Of course, I’m sure many times letters were written to officials to question their Freedom of Speech and their ability to march through American cities spewing horrific hatred.

And now Charlottesville. I see one swastika flying and I am up in arms. I am mad, I am fuming, I am in shock and I am questioning every level of the federal government. (I am even more in shock how so many people all of sudden “care” about Jews & minorities!???)

Can you imagine, watching these horrific marches with a Holocaust survivor? Well, I did and – it was heart-wrenching. A tiny Jewish man in his 80s needs never to have this reminder again! He looks at me and says, “I just do not understand how they can still do this?” and sadly, I have not one answer for him. My American mortified voice, says, “Freedom of Speech”? When in actuality I’m not too sure why either?
They represent one of the darkest times in our world’s history, a genocide. And their words are no secrets. They march with vile hatred screaming lies about Jews. Lies about minorities. Their legacy is filthy, filled with unimaginable horrific-ness.

And then there’s Trump.
Mr. Wild Card.
How can Mr. Reality-star-turned-POTUS look into the camera with his squinty eyes and NOT TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO HEAR! I want to hear him be my hero. I want to hear him save me and the beautiful human race. I want him to eradicate the bad guys and I want only good guys to be in power and instead, he is neutral. As Jews say, “pareve”, not meat, nor dairy. Freakin neutral!

AND I AM ANGRY. I am fired up with every derogatory word.
I see him, this big white/orange faced yellow-haired man as if he is a follower, if not a leader of some white supremacy group. There is no answer. He is a “Nazi”. . . he is Hitlerr”. How could he even regard one Neo-Nazi as, “very fine people”? not on my clock will I ever agree to that. There ain’t nothing good about Nazis, NOTHING.

I can not hear one more word. I can NOT STAND this man or watch one more of Jared’s jerky motions or hear Ivanka’s soft, enunciated refined English. ENOUGH. Impeach TRUMP. Get him out of this White House. He is America’s biggest nightmare.

Then, I cool down. And I listen to what he has to say, over and over and over and over. I try and find an unedited version which is almost impossible. and I listen. Trump reminds me of that crazy guy that would stand on the corner of 72nd and Broadway wearing a sign outing all the bad guys in government, repeating crazy conspiracy crap over and over with printed images collaged all over his display table. If you allowed yourself to listen for one second and got sucked in, his nutty words would enter your psyche and force you to question a lot in the week ahead. And then, his words would eventually fade away.

The thing is, HE AINT FADING AWAY. Trump is screaming out crazy sh*t lately. And I do not get it. I do not think anyone does. Not in the civilized world. Perhaps this is all a game to Trump, one more tick to his list of things he needs to conquer. But something stops me in my tracks and makes me question all that I take for granted. Does a man who has so much wealth truly need this headache? The stress? Honestly, I really would like to know President Trump’s mission statement! Does a total moron encompass such wealth because he is a dumb, corrupt criminal and then end up in the White House? Perhaps he has something legitimate to contribute to America and not just the mass chaos he has created?

Living in the Middle East, one learns about life from a very different perspective. And one learns, to try and put all the pieces together before crying out foul. That said, I’m still very angry Trump did not just decry the Neo-Nazis and shut them down once and for all. He really needs to. It’s enough already. But, what he did do is out a group of anarchists, that, YES, are very bad. They are like a smoke of deception. They hinder all from seeing the truth.

I wish he just separated one group from another. I wish he could have done that. INSTEAD, he evened the playing fields. He left many unanswered questions with little details.

I was wondering as I watched from the beginning of the march
what the hell is ANTIFA???
Do you know that ANTIFA protests ANTI SHARIA law???
(which, in English means, PRO SHARIA LAW)
Do you know that ANTIFA is a very dangerous group? Look into any demonstration in the past few years there is always a dark shadow of anarchists lurking. I first noticed this shadow with “Occupy Wall Street”. Trump has now made it all transparent.

Like a magician, he pulled back the sheet and showed us the truth. Now, we can let our utter hate and detest of Trump blind us further or we need to start digging and get to work. We need to figure out the truth ourselves!

I believe both came to fight. Although based on the VICE, HBO coverage (very left perspective), I get the feeling the Neo-Nazis came with some heavy artillery. Did the Neo-Nazis plan to drive over “innocent” protesters? I still would like to know the weaponry used by the ANTIFA players.

One no longer needs weapons in this world. The Radical Extreme Muslims taught us about mowing people down with planes, trucks, and cars. And who needs a gun when a simple kitchen knife can rip a human apart.

Is Trump trying to show us that Charlottesville was an example of really bad fighting really bad???

So, what have we come to? where are we now? Are we closer to any answers? Or are we more angry, more solidified in our beliefs and just taking sides?

Or do we care to seek the truth?
Do we keep on hating because that is what we were taught?
Do we keep on hating because it’s the cool thing to do?
Do we keep on hating because we are too scared to fight for the truth?

Now is not the time to sit back & listen. Now is the time to stand up and seek answers and the truth.

I do not give a crap any longer about some suited up politicians or some fake religious leader who says what I want to hear one day and changes his mind the next.

I want to align my-self and my soul with like-minded people; kind people, helping people, good people. Do you?
Lately, deciphering good from bad is not an easy task
but definitely on the bucket list. Dare to seek the truth!

About the Author
Elyssa Frank arrives in Tel Aviv with more than fifteen years NYC broadcasting experience. You can listen to her podcast, "Short Hills Live in the Middle East"- on Facebook. You may have seen Elyssa on-camera hosting & guesting on the English website of Israel Hayom Insider, where she created her own show, "Hot, hip & NOW", introducing the Anglo audience to interesting Israelis on the cutting edge of fashion, art & technology. She is an award-winning voiceover talent with global credits, as well as Union affiliation. (Sag/Aftra) Elyssa is most known as the voice that changed the way we look at internet speed; she introduced high-speed online to NYC with multiple award-winning spots. She is a trained NYC actress with off-broadway credits, as well as national on-camera spots. When she's not in a studio & in front of a mic, you can find Elyssa avidly crossing the Mediterranean where she holds the position of "#urban mermaid."
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