Trump´s Election: A new Approach to old problems?

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Donald Trump´s election has been received very badly by Europe and the American establishment as the likely and plausible winner — Hillary Clinton- lost against all the odds. But why has this shocked people across the world and the USA? What are Trump´s policies and why do the anger the Left or Liberals as they are called in American jargon ?

First of all Donald Trump has had the guts – and kudos go to him for this – to state that the eternal capital of Israel is Jerusalem where the USA embassy would be moved. Full stop.  No buts and ifs.  In this he deserves the unequivocal support of all Jews and Israel supporters.  If this does not please the P.A it is not his problem nor the USA´s problem.  Historical facts cannot be altered by political correctness especially pleasing terrorists and the Arab camp who has nothing to teach Israel or the USA democracy or human rights.

Donald Trump has one merit in my view: he calls a spade a spade.  He doesn´t use this ad- nauseam PC language which has much words but no content.  And this seems to anger the PC Democratic camp which is used – as the European Left and part of the centre -right – to this buddy-buddy language which in reality is pure hypocresy in disguise.  Let´s analyse his actual policies and we will see how they make common sense:

  • Immigration and deportation: Trump has been accused of branding Mexicans drug dealers and criminals and wanting to deport them.  Hey what´s  wrong with this?  Is not right for any country to defend its borders and ask for a controlled immigration? Or do we prefer just an uncontrolled flow of immigrants to any country without any control? Incidentally the best way to see the effect of this is that there is even opposition amongst some Mexicans to more free flow of Mexicans because most Mexicans who went to the USA in the old days were people who really wanted to improve their lifes unlike today where many just want to live on the welfare state.
  • What he said of women falling at a rich men´s advances is indeed degrading but if Mrs Clinton was so disgusted by this attitude, why did she not divorce his husband when the Monica Lewisnky affair broke out?  Rumours have it that she just stayed for the money she could make associating herself with her husband´s  surname.
  • Liberals claim Trump´s  campaign was divisive and hurt American unity but I have never found anything more divisive in the Democratic campaign than trying to lure voters based on their etnicity or gender.  If we are all members on one country, one unity why appeal to segregated voters ?
  • Hillary Clinton had in my view two weak points which went against her and which favoured Trump:
  1. She had a very notorious contradiction revealed by the leaked emails: how can a woman espouse the rights of minorities in America while at the same time receiving money from dictatorships such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia?
  2. She always wanted to be so PC that she avoided referring to the terrorists of the Islamic State by their names.  Apparently she did not want to alienate the Islamic community but, hey, they are waging a war in the name of Islam.

Aparently a lot of the media in the world has brought to the attention of their audiences the fact that Trump has emphasized in his maiden speech inner-city poverty, drugs, gangs and education as major problems.  These social problems have always existed in all major industrial and not so industrial cities but many politicians have turned a blind eye instead of fighting the root of the problem, which is mainly a rampant undeterred globalistation and family breakdown.

If the so-called Left/Liberal camp or whatever it wants to call itself wants to avoid a populist comeback especially in Europe it would better fight problems head-on with realism and not just with mere political marketing and PC aimed at calming people.  More action and less word are needed from our politicians.  Let´s hope Mr Trump delivers and ushers in a new era to restablish the credit to a much tainted political class.

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