“Trust but verify”….How about Tehran?

Ronald Reagan can be justly credited with the demise of the Soviet Union. His ability to deal with Mikhail Gorbachov in a direct and firm manner as well as the overwhelming strength and world respect that the United States possessed hastened the implosion of the “evil empire”. In moving the Soviet Union back from a MAD environment to negotiating reduction of the monumental numbers of warheads and ICBM’s Reagan negotiated wisely. “Trust but verify”. The strategy worked. Can this work for the now ongoing pleadings with the Ayatollahs and mullahs? We cannot trust because they never fulfill agreements and they will not permit even the Atomic Energy inspectors to visit their facilities. The United States is in full retreat from a legacy of world leadership into a navel-gazing morass of self-centered indulgence in socialized medicine and government controlled economics as well as reducing a formerly respected and feared military to the lowest levels since the 1930’s. The new greatest enemy is global warming/climate change etc.

It is obvious who is winning. The Tehran regime used delaying the talks and “switch and bait” while their advisors in Yemen, Iraq/Syria and other storm fronts continue the expansion of the reach of the Ayatollahs and Mullahs. The recent “framework” is literally an agreement to keep jawboning (and humiliating the infidels) and only the Obama Administration and the other powers see it as any achievable success. Iran has surrendered nothing and gained everything including the time to complete any number of deliverable warheads or weapons to provide to a surrogate or their own delivery systems.The similarity of events from 1938 to 2015 join John Kerry to Neville Chamberlain in waving a piece of paper and declaring “peace in MY time” as he exits an airliner. History can expect the same result.  The image of a John Kerry, hands pressed together in supplication at the table are distressing as the once respected and powerful United States groveled at the feet of smiling deputies of the Ayatollahs and Mullahs. A nation of integrity and power does not say “this is the best deal we could get”. How the mighty have fallen or just quit.

Members of the violent Islamic sects such as the Iraq/Syria and Iranians interpret the Quran to believe that deceit is a weapon to use against infidels. As in any book of faith, including the Bible, words are twisted and re-twisted to fit a motive and strategy. Brutality and subjugation are readily justified by what some Islamic scholars consider to be a historical usage or reference. The Iranian and Iraqi/Syrian Caliphates readily use passages to arm their adherents with the authority to carry out their brutal and homicidal actions. This war is not an academic debate or gentlemen’s quarrel. Extermination is preferable to conversion since territory and property are assumed and taken by the conquerors.

Americans are today looking back with fond memories of an America whose word was trusted, whose might was respected and a President whom some ridiculed as a “B” movie actor governed wisely and kled an entire free world. This former actor and respected Governor of California moved decisively to bring down an evil empire that on several occasions went up to the point of no return with nuclear forces and then wisely reconsidered the retaliation from its enemy. Ronald Reagan was not perfect. Reaganomics was deemed “voodoo economics” by his own Vice President. Yet something worked. Today the White House and State Department spew confusion and contradictions as trust by the American people plummets in their current leaders. Israel has once again chosen a dependable, resolute and realistically pragmatic leader, Netanyahu. As nations and allies begin to distance themselves from America, like survivors getting away from a sinking ship, Israel and the new alliance in the region of the most unlikely bedfellows imaginable will reassure nations threatened by Iran that overwhelming force will be used to protect national interests. A possible byproduct of the new alliance will be the security of Israel as America dreams its way into a fantasyland of self-indulgence in local issues and hides behind its Atlantic and Pacific fences. Until a means to “trust and verify” a nation that no one really trusts and has yet to allow anyone to verify the actual nature of its nuclear program, the United States and Iran share a doubtful position on the world’s playing field, and Iran is playing for keeps.

Iran has rejected repeated attempts an inquiries as to the nature of its nuclear program and this is witnessed by the International Atomic Energy Agency that monitors such activity. That the Ayatollahs will change their tactics and persist in evading and confusing the infidels is likely and should be anticipated, given their documented past. The Caliphate/Mahdist ideology will comprehend only serious resistance from opponents and this is totally lacking in the present attitude of the United States.

The world will no longer eagerly await action from Washington or other Western Nations. Events in the region are moving on an almost 24 hour basis and indecision is a key to defeat. Israel and the other regional states cannot wait for signed agreements that Iran has no intent of keeping. The Iraq/Syria Caliphate continues to recruit and export Jihadis and likeminded fellow travelers around the world continue their wars against Christians and non-adherent Muslims. When and if an agreement is ever signed, it will most probably not be worth the electric power to email.

Eyes are moving from West to East as the baton of command and action shifts to others. Israel seems to be among new friends or at least tolerant allies. More surprises are due, watch and see.

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