T’sha B’Av, the 2016 Olympics and Being Jewish

Thinking about the Jewish plight today on Tisha B’Av, the day the 1st and 2nd Temple were destroyed and what that event and Judaism means to me.

Part of my Judaism means recognizing both the love and hate that’s directed towards us as individuals and as a whole of the Jewish people.

The Jewish people have been both loved and hated throughout history at epic levels.

Of course, the other part, and maybe the most important element, is to understand that even though we’re still hated and disrespected by some, we still must act as the light of the nations individually and collectively to the very best of our ability.

What do we do when they won’t shake our hand at the Olympics? We don’t take it personally. We don’t hold a grudge. We continue to offer our hand in friendship and respect hoping that one day it will be well received. Then we go on to win a medal.

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