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Twitter Spaces: Choose One Wisely

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So I recently started spending more time on Twitter. And I soon realized the only difference between TikTok and Twitter is on Twitter the nutjobs on there are professionals.

So I started going into Twittter Spaces. It’s like an audio space where you hear people talk similar to Clubhouse. And I was enjoying it. Some spaces were better than others. Some spaces were really bad like Nazi spaces. Some spaces were lots of misinformation and conspiracy stuff. And some spaces you actually learn something.

I followed this one host. And some of her spaces were fun and informative. But then the more I joined her spaces the more I heard her saying vaccine misinformation and other nonsense.

The last straw was I was in her space and she started talking about the “God gene”. Now the  God gene has been written on. But it’s just a theory about some “gene” that makes people religious. Nothing has been proven. But she claims that since it’s on a medical site that it’s legit. The medical site has a disclaimer about their documents on the god gene that it’s a “scientific literature” and that they don’t endorse or agree with the content just because it is in their database.

She takes it a step further and based on a conspiracy theory video she saw on YouTube – which Reuters tied to a conspiracy theory about Bill Gates and PizzaGate that the CIA has a  vaccine that is really a virus that treats this god gene cause the god gene can make you so fundamental that you will end up a suicide bomber. It gets even better folks the vaccine of all things is called the “funvax”.

When I confronted her on this nonsense, she doubled down on it and INSISTED it was all true.

There’s a saying in Islam to guard your eyes  from seeing and your ears from hearing bad things cause basically if you hear nonsense all day long it corrupts you. Even if you tell your mind I don’t agree with it. Listening to it hours on end isn’t healthy. So I would rather be in Twitter Spaces where I am actually benefiting instead of just sitting there saying to myself “Wow this is some crazy stuff I am hearing.”

A lot of other people were also falling for this conspiracy theory. But hope people will smarten up and look for better quality content on the internet than Twitter Spaces like this. Cause there are some really great spaces one can go to, you just need to spend your time wisely.

About the Author
Andrea Karshan is a Jew currently living in Chabad Crown Heights. She was born a Patrilineal Jew to a secular Jewish family with a Jewish father and Jewish stepmother. She then became Christian, and then was a Muslim for 13 years. She then did an Orthodox conversion to Judaism. She is passionate about Judaism and loves being a Lubavitcher. She has three Muslim kids from her previous marriage to a Pakistani. And she fights hard to combat Islamophobia and Antisemitism. And she is pro-Israel pro-Palestine pro-peace pro-truth activist.
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