Two of Hollande’s Mistakes

The population of France is more than ten times greater than the Jewish population of Israel. In 2001, a Palestinian Arab suicide bomber blew himself up outside a teenage discotheque in Tel Aviv killing 21 teenagers and wounding more than 120 others. Considering the bomb was full of screws, nails and ball bearings soaked in an anti-congealing solution to maximize the bleeding, it could be said that many of the wounded were severely so.  I can still remember the picture of a Jewish mother Ella Nelimov, bent over the mangled bodies of her two daughters, Yelena age 18 and Yulia age 16.

In proportion to the French losses in Paris, the Israeli’s suffered 210 dead and 1,200 wounded. Somehow, unlike the Israelis, the French didn’t lower their flags to half staff, and they and the rest of Europe for the most part, ignored the incident. That’s what they didn’t do yesterday. And tomorrow, they will run to put a “yellow star” on Israeli goods for the benefit of a future terrorist Palestinian Arab state whose “martyrs” are the ones who blew up buses full of women and children, Bat Mitzvas, supermarkets, Passover Seders, hijacked planes, and murdered an Israeli team at the Olympics. They also took the credit for pushing Leon Klinghoffer’s wheelchair off the deck of a hijacked ship. And let’s not forget, they are still trying to turn every day, for the Jews of Israel, into a Kristallnacht.  In answer to this barbarism, the Western world awarded Arafat the Nobel Prize and a “no-fault terrorism insurance policy,” which provided them with an indefinite flak jacket of immunity to criticism and sanctions.

This French socialist head of state should remember — on his way to pin yellow stars on Israeli products to appease Arab Nazis — that in my lifetime another French head of state pinned yellow stars on French Jews to appease German Nazis. Sorry, Prime Minister Hollande, but yesterday’s mistakes in French history have caught up with you. Tomorrow’s French history will show that you and your policies are two more of these mistakes.

About the Author
Daniel Levinson is a U.S. Navy veteran, veteran of the Yom Kippur War, combatant in the terrorist raid of Nahariya, and the father of two reserve officers in the Israeli Army.
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