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Two Poems for ‘National Poetry Month[!]’

An Analysis of Three Personality Types

Stable head individual

You’ve lost your way

Now they hear the noise

In your once disciplined mind


Grey-eyed sister

You live easy as the western breeze

That gentle floatation device

Are your feet


Asymmetric brother

How you lack balance!

The world laughs 

As you fumblestep down-the-hall


Kettle and водка 

Who hid this ol’ kettle / ‘neath the floor board?/ And…/ who shall share it with me?/ [S]he who is jolly; and ye which knoweth glee…

And who hath the wings to be free?/ *He who sleepeth without consequence/ And standeth a stand which is understood.

And now that [their] journey is done and through/ I and I found the kettle ‘neath rosewood/ Now m’dear, may I share it with you?

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Scott Shlomo Krane has been blogging for TOI since February 2012. His writing has also appeared in The Atlantic, Tablet, Ha'aretz, The Jerusalem Post, the Daily Caller, Mic, JazzTimes and Scott was a columnist and breaking news editor for Arutz Sheva-Israel National News (2011-2013). In addition to holding a degree in Judaic Studies and a Master's in English from Bar-Ilan University (for which he wrote his thesis on the poetry of American master, John Ashbery), he has learned Judaism at Hadar Ha'Torah Rabbinical Seminary in Brooklyn.
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