Two questions for CNN, BBC, and the rest of global balanced media

Dear CNN, BBC, etc

So here’s a question:

Scenario 1 – you’re following the Allies into Bergen Belsen, Auschwitz, Treblinka, wherever. You see all that happened there.

Question 1: Be honest – in scenario 1, would your policy that applies today require you to describe the Nazis as militants?

Now here’s a better question.

Scenario 2 – you’re given a scoop by someone who gets you into Bergen Belsen, Auschwitz, Treblinka, wherever, before these camps were liberated. You get some footage of Jews being tortured, degraded, murdered. The atrocities are still going on. The Nazis are still doing their thing. An urgent response is needed. (Maybe, if you stop for a moment being balanced, you may even have called – vainly as it happens – for the Allies to bomb the railroads, bomb the crematoria, etc, just do something…)

Question 2: Again be honest – in scenario 2, would your policy today still require you to describe the Nazis as militants?

Just wondering because here you are, welcome: its Bergen Belsen 2023…

The CNN reporter opens by talking about, in her own words, ‘the murder of 260 innocents’. Then it shows footage of the kidnapped Israeli boy being viciously beaten by his gun-toting captors. In the reporter’s own words, subjected to ‘torture and degradation’.

And yet the reporter then goes on in virtually the same sentence to call those same captors, ‘militants’, which is also the terminology used in the article headline and the videolink.

Not interested to pontificate, just would like a straight answer to the two questions asked above.

Looking forward to your reply



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