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Two tiny states, one huge problem.

Map designed by United Nations OCHA.
Map designed by United Nations OCHA.

When we look at Google Maps, we see in the Middle East, in the center-west region of the land that runs from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, a bordered territory where we find a homogeneous population, an elected government that exercises authority, an army to confront enemies, a police force and courts to enforce law and order. Therefore, there is a state in that place, and this state is not the State of Israel. Now, if there is one state in the region, and this is not Israel, what state would it be, since everyone says there is only one state where there should be two?

The answer is obvious: what exists there is the State of Gaza, which only needs to be recognized as such. Embedded in Israel, bordering Egypt and bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, there is the State of Gaza that everybody wants. It sounds incredible, but the only country in the world that recognizes Gaza as a sovereign state “de facto”, is Israel, which in 2005 withdrew its troops from there, along with all the Israeli citizens who lived and worked there, leaving behind, intact, everything they had built.

The facts throw to the ground the thesis that it is necessary to create a state for the Palestinian people to live in peace with Israel. That state already exists, it must be acknowledged. The harsh reality is that, although it actually exists, peace with Israel remains a utopia. Unfortunately, the State of Gaza is ruled by a terrorist, nihilist, and parasitic organization, which follows a fundamentalist version of Islam, and a sinister ideology, Nazism, which aims to wipe Israel and the Jews off the map. Gaza is ruled by Hamas, which acts as a political party, revolutionary guard, and occupying army committed to terrorizing Israel, bombing civilians, raping women, baking babies in furnaces, playing soccer with decapitated heads, torturing and kidnapping parents, children, and grandparents, and using their own population as human shields.

In Gaza, there is no rule of law, protection of individual rights, respect for privacy and justice, as in Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, or Russia. Exactly the opposite happens in Israel, a free and pluralistic society, even being ruled by Benjamin Netanyahu, used as an atonement goat by the anti-capitalist Jews, the “wokes” and anti-Semites in general to condemn the only liberal democracy in the region. Whoever is truly humanist and wants to defend the people of Gaza should oppose Hamas and support Israel until its victory. There is no doubt that two states already exist. One of them wants to erase the other one from the map, and it is not Israel, but Gaza, the problem state that only accepts Jews there if they are hostages.

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Roberto Rachewsky was born in 1955, in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. His great-grandparents came from Bessarabia (Moldova and Ukraine), fleeing the pogroms of Tsar Nicholas II. Belonging to a family of traders, Roberto is the owner of an international logistics company and is an active supporter of laisse-faire capitalism for which he co-founded several institutions to spread the ideas of freedom. He recently published the book "The Greek, the Friar and the Heroine", which deals with the philosophical connection between Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and Ayn Rand.
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