Two Wrongs Never Make a (W)Right – The Kim Potter Vs Michael Byrd Cases


The Kim Potter Case

The above link takes you to an Opinion Editorial by the NY Post Editorial Board written on December 23. I have chosen a few statements from the article which are as follows-

“The liberal media have spent the last two years cheering unrest in our streets, feeding racial animosity and encouraging division, so it’s no surprise how they reacted to the case of Minneapolis Police Officer Kim Potter and Daunte Wright.”

“Potter is white and Wright is black, so what happened must be racially motivated, must be an injustice that puts the entire nation on trial. It has to be an excuse to rip up our criminal-justice system. And they have. Warrants are ignored, bail is suspended. Better criminals victimize more people than have something go wrong while they are resisting arrest.”

Kim Potter was a Police Officer in Minneapolis suburb Brooklyn Center with twenty-six years of outstanding service to the people for which she took an oath to protect and serve. Every day, she put her life on the line, and now for the first time she is being charged with a crime for which she will have to serve a substantial number of years in jail.

Her life as a police officer died the day she was arrested for killing a criminal who was wanted on other criminal charges. That criminal resisted arrest and Kim Potter had no other way of stopping him other than to shoot. Because if she did not, and the criminal under arrest would have had an opportunity, most likely he could have produced a weapon and killed Officer Potter.

Now Let’s Compare This With The Killing Of Ashli Babbitt

In the case of Officer Kim Potter, who is white and criminal Daunte Wright who is black, it is important we compare this with the case involving the January 6 killing of Ashli Babbitt who was white at the US Capitol Building, by a black Capitol Police Officer.

We must also remember, a special Commission has been appointed to investigate the US Capitol January 6 event. They have spent an unknown numbers of hours reviewing an unlimited number of videos in search for evidence to bring charges against anyone seen in those videos. This is in sharp contrast to hardly any time spent looking in more detail who was responsible for the riots that took place all over the US following the George Floyd trial in Minneapolis.

For many months, the name of Ashli Babbitt’s killer remained a mystery. But eventually he was identified and Lester Holt of NBC conducted an interview with him on national television. A video of that interview appears at the following link-

He is Michael Byrd, a 28-year veteran of the Capitol Police, who took a defensive posture with his gun drawn as rioters smashed the glass doors.

At the 3 minute mark Byrd admits “the subject was sideways and he could not see her motion of her hands or anything”, after Holt asked, “When you fired, what could you see, where were you aiming”?

And when asked “What were you thinking this individual was doing? Byrd answered that “she was posing a threat to the US House of Representatives”.

Then at the 3 min. 30 sec mark, Holt references a statement from an attorney for Babbitt’s family who disputes this and claims Babbitt did not have possession of a gun. When Byrd was confronted by Holt about this, he claimed that had no influence on his decision to shoot Babbitt.

At the 5min 15sec mark, Holt brings up the incident when Byrd carelessly left his service revolver in a bathroom unattended, to which Byrd admits to doing. Holt even points out this incident questioned if Byrd was competent to do his job. And in the words of Byrd himself, he admits it was a terrible mistake.

At the 5min 50 sec mark Holt says after multiple investigations, it was determined by Capitol Police, that Byrd’s actions saved “multiple people from injury and possible death”.

Comparing The Two Cases – Kim Potter Vs Michael Byrd

Using simple common sense as the Democrats constantly have been reminding all of us makes it quite obvious how unfair the Kim Potter case is compared to Michael Byrd.

Point One-

Michael Byrd should have been put on trial for the murder of Ashli Babbitt, which then should have been nationally televised showing how careless he was by firing his weapon without firmly establishing if indeed she posed a threat. No details of that threat were ever discussed.

Point Two-

If Byrd has 28 years of experience, then why would any officer with his length of service carelessly leave his service weapon unattended? It seems he is the person who poses a genuine threat to his fellow officers and US Capitol visitors, not Ashli Babbitt.

Point Three-

Why was Kim Potter not first subject to an Internal Investigation due to her outstanding service record for 26 years? She clearly was shouting -Taser, Taser, Taser – before firing the fatal shot. That should have been a clear signal Potter was not intending to use her gun and that would have avoided causing her embarrassment on International TV as she was reduced to tears on the witness stand.

Point Four-

If Officer Byrd had been given the same treatment as Officer Potter, instead of been fed softball questions from Lester Holt you see in the abovementioned video, then combined with the previous incident of leaving his service revolver unattended, that should most definitely been just cause to further penalize Officer Byrd.


The underlying question that must be in the back of everyone’s mind is – Does the fact that Officer Byrd is black give him an advantage over Officer Potter who is white, now that the Democrats have given the BLM (Black Lives Matter) so much respect?

I want to emphasize Officer Kim Potter was found guilty in the same courtroom where Officer Chauvin was sentenced for the death of George Floyd. That case gave power to the BLM movement worldwide, which no doubt affected the outcome of the Kim Potter case.

Using More Common Sense                                                                                                     

It should be crystal clear the sentence handed down by the jury in the Kim Potter case in no way is justified when compared to the decision not to charge Officer Byrd.

Officer Byrd is able to spend these holidays free as a bird not cooped up in a jail cell after being praised by Capitol Police for possibly saving many lives by killing Ashli Babbitt, who served in the US Military; had no criminal record and according to reports, had no weapon in her possession when she was killed.

Officer Potter killed a wanted criminal who resisted arrest and could have killed Officer Potter with the weapons he had in his possession. She also saved many lives, because if he had killed Officer Potter and escaped, who knows how many more people Daunte Wright would have committed a crime against?

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