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U. S. President Joe Biden’s Sham Support of Israel Has Pleased No One

President Biden has continued to reiterate that the US’s support of Israel in its war with Hamas is “iron clad.” However, his actions have consistently belied that statement. More on this later.

This disparity between what he says and what he does has been a continuing characteristic of his entire 50-year tenure as president, vice president and congressman. For example: (1) He claims to be a supporter of the working class, yet one of his first actions as president was to halt the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, which destroyed the livelihood of thousands of blue-collar workers. (2) He has continually supported raising taxes on the middle class. (3) His policies have fomented inflation, which has crippled the spending power of the middle class. (4) He has professed to be a friend and ally of African Americans (“If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black.”), yet he was buddies with segregationists like former senators Robert Byrd and Strom Thurmond, and he strenuously opposed busing saying he didn’t want his children to be educated in a “racial jungle.” (5) He was a co-sponsor of the 1994 crime bill, which resulted in a huge increase in the incarceration of blacks. (6) With respect to his foreign policies who can forget his, abrupt, ill-conceived and botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, which led to the abandonment of hundreds of Americans and Afghani allies, who were then likely hunted down and tortured. I could continue, but you get the point. Throughout his career Biden has demonstrated that rather than being loyal to his political convictions he will do anything for political benefit. His mendacity knows no bounds.

Which brings us to the current situation regarding Israel. Since the advent of the current Israel-Hamas war Biden has been playing both sides against the middle, so to speak. Despite what he has said, his support for Israel has been far from “iron clad.” First, he urged Israel not to retaliate. That had never happened before in the entire history of the world. If a country is attacked, they hit back, pure and simple.

Then he advocated a two-state solution, which, by the way, neither Israel nor Hamas wants. Hamas has repeatedly stated its goal is to destroy Israel, wipe it and all Jews out. Its slogan “from the river to the sea” makes that clear. Israel, for its part, realizes that it will never have a meaningful peace until and unless it totally destroys Hamas. Otherwise, Hamas will simply resurrect itself as it has before, and the fighting will recur again and again.

Peace advocates keep pushing for a cease fire and hostage release. A cease fire would only provide a temporary respite. Sooner or later Hamas would break it, and fighting would recommence. I view it as just a stalling tactic to give Hamas time to reorganize and rearm. Also, I hate to say it but after all this time who knows how many unreturned hostages are even still alive. I say, let Israel finish the job.

When Israel ignored Biden’s “don’t” warning, Biden threatened to withhold aid. Moreover, he directed, or at least influenced, the “Chameleon” to give “THE SPEECH.” Such meddling in the affairs of an ally can only be interpreted as a huge “slap in the face.” Israel, as is its wont, has refused to be intimidated, and has prosecuted the war on its own terms albeit in as humanitarian a manner as possible.

At the present time, it has commenced operations against Hamas in Southern Gaza, Hamas’ last stronghold, and Biden has reacted by withholding the shipment of war material that Congress had previously approved. This is outrageous! As a further slap in the face he announced this on Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day that commemorates the Nazis’ genocide of six million Jews during WWII. Talk about tone deaf!

Congressional leaders are viewing this as a blatant usurpation of its authority, and they are none too pleased. Remember, Congress controls the purse strings. I expect them to retaliate at some time in some way, which would cause additional chaos in the Biden Administration.

Many observers are maintaining that this action is clearly signaling that Biden wants to prevent Israel from finishing the job. That could be true, but it is a fatuous course of action and makes no sense. Israel is our only reliable ally in the dangerous, mercurial and strategically critical ME, while Hamas is a terrorist organization, which would destroy us if it could. I believe his motivation is to placate the far-left radicals in his party, who have been revolting against his ME policy. It’s an election year, and he needs their support. It really is as simple as that. Political expediency trumps what’s right.

These radicals are fueling the riots with their rhetoric and their money. There have been multiple reports in the media that the rioters are being bankrolled by many of the same groups that have contributed to Biden’s campaign. I believe the college riots are just the appetizer. The Dem convention may be the main course. Remember the 1968 convention also in Chicago? Those riots may have cost the Dems the presidential election.


So, let’s be clear. All these actions to hamstring Israel’s war effort are designed to garner votes. Biden’s loyalty to Jews, like his loyalty to Blacks and Hispanics, is proving to be transitory. Political expediency is trumping what’s right.

Everyone claims they want peace. Don’t they realize that the only way to achieve peace is for Israel to win the war decisively and totally. Any half-assed cease fire will just kick the can down the road. In addition, every action to restrict Israel only serves to encourage Hamas to continue to fight thus prolonging the war. In summary, Biden’s attempt to please everyone has, in fact, pleased no one.

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