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Ukraine ….. Again

Israel has invested billions of shekels to rescue Ukrainian Jews caught up in Europe’s wars. However, only a few have made Aliyah.

I can think of many better uses for my tax money. Perhaps I will detail them in a future blog. Israel today is a crowded country with too many people competing for land and resources. The time has long passed when our newly independent country was desperate for immigrants.

We do not need Ukrainians who have only now decided that they are Jews and want to go to the Promised Land. The Ukraine has been open for many years, Ukrainians could have settled here, and made new lives for themselves and their children, a long time ago. Fortunately, many Ukrainian Jews have decided that Germany, of all places, is the best country for a Jewish refugee. They may have forgotten, or not know, that some 77 years ago Germany was a solution for Jews, a final solution. Why any self-respecting Jew would want to live in Germany is a mystery to me.

Germany now has Europe’s third-largest Jewish population. Only France and Britain have more. More than 210,000 Jews, refugees fleeing Belarus, Moldova and Russia have decided that Germany is a good place for Jews. Their knowledge of history would seem to be a little poor.

For many years, centuries, in synagogue services around the world, Jews have prayed for return to Zion. Now they can return, where are they?

On second thoughts, we do not need more immigrants, be they refugees or enthusiastic Westerners who have just remembered that they are Jews. We are doing very well without them. Let the land go to my children and grand-children who were all born here.

(I expect that readers have got the picture, so this blog will do without one.)

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