Uncomfortable Relationship with the Truth

Since the appalling events of October 7, we have been subjected to many interviews with Palestinians. Those interviewed seem to have a selective memory for 13 vital facts about Jews, Israel and the Arabs, which, in fact, pretty much put the lie to all their arguments on their own behalf.

  1. No one talks about the 650,000 Jewish refugees expelled “sans retourner” from Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Aden, Yemen, who were resettled in Israel.
  2. No one talks about the threat of destruction of Israel in June 1967 and the miracle of the Six Day War and the desecration of synagogues and cemeteries in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Between 1948 and 1967 the area of Judea and Samaria was under Jordanian control and no one had ever heard of a Palestinian state. They (the newly named Palestinians) were offered a state on both occasions, but only wanted the whole of the land of Israel – while Israel agreed to accept the division of the land).

  1. No one talks about Israel’s 100% withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, leaving greenhouses, or the fact that the areas that were left have still not been inhabited by the Palestinians. In 2006 Hamas took over control of Gaza as dictators, with no freedom for the PA to vote or for the “peace in our time” that Yiztchak Rabin had hoped for, when signing the Oslo agreements with Arafat.
  2. No one talks about the concrete used for constructing terror tunnels instead of for their intended use for housing and businesses. And Hamas say “Shelters for the public are the responsibility of the UN and refugee support agencies.”
  3. No one talks about Hamas locating tunnels and shafts and rocket launchers within Gazan hospital compounds, residential and industrial areas.
  4. No one talks about the 500,000 dead and 13 million misplaced due to the Syrian civil war.
  5. No one talks about the 15,000 Gazans who worked daily, in Israel, before the 7th October.
  6. No one talks about the Israelis from Gaza border kibbutzim, willingly taking Palestinian children and adult patients with cancer and other medical issues to hospitals in Israel. The daughter of Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh as treated in an Israeli hospital.
  7. No one talks about “lies of a siege” that Israel has supposedly imposed on Gaza.  Gaza shares a border with Israel and Egypt. Israel doesn’t control the border with Egypt. So how can it be a prison? Israel agreed to allow 1200 trucks filled with humanitarian aid products DAILY, and only 400 trucks were allowed entry by Hamas. Hamas has the specific aim to deliberately subjugate Gazan civilians.
  8. No one talks about the hate taught to Gazan children from a young age, to kill Jews and Israelis indiscriminately.  Their highest calling is to murder Jews and take over their land.
  9. No one talks about the inhuman restriction of Red Cross or Red Crescent to visit the 240 Israeli hostages after their kidnapping on October 7. No one asks about audit and risk management, within UNWRA and the UN for the billions of US dollars in aid misappropriated by Hamas for the construction of the tunnels. The people of Gaza are responsible for their situation. They are not choosing terror because they are poor. They are poor because they are choosing terror. Money is not the problem. The people of Gaza get more money than any other group.  Instead of investing in infrastructure, they build tunnels and rockets.
  10. No one talks about the 400 rockets fired from Gaza that landed in Gaza and how many casualties and deaths were caused by these misfired rockets. Muslims working for Zaka Search and Rescue on October 7th recall how two Arab women wearing hijab and three Arab bus drivers were brutally shot by Hamas terrorists.
  11. Finally, Israel has had to relocate 250,000 civilians into central Israel from the Gaza envelope (Israeli villages on the Israel side of the border with Gaza, which have been subjected to missile raids over the years and was the location of the barbaric raid of Hamas terrorists on October 7 – also known in Israel as Black Sabbath) and the northern border with Lebanon, with the concomitant uprooting of families, loss of income, and personal trauma.

This is all information largely withheld from viewers on TV and radio; interviewers have a moral obligation to confront Palestinians regarding their lies of omission (and commission). The conflict is not about land it’s about values.  Jihad violence and death versus freedom, equal rights and peace

Palestinians have an uncomfortable relationship with telling the truth. Or are they saying that all the above is a figment of our imagination?

About the Author
My family has been in England since the 1890s when my great grandfather Isaac Klapisz immigrated from Wilczyn near Kolo. In fact, I am one of the rare Jewish Englishmen, all of whose eight great-grandparents, immigrated from Russia, are buried in London. We made Aliyah in 2019 and now reside with my wife in Netanya.
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