Bernard Bar Natan

Undeserved Invitations I

Netanyahu is scheduled to speak to the Congress and may receive an invitation to meet with President Biden. This is fundamentally wrong for both Israel and the US and these events should not occur. Many people agree, there are numerous reasons why, here are some of mine.

From the Israel side, a defendant in the middle of his criminal trial, under siege, decried as he is here every minute of every day should be considered a significant, if not certain flight risk and not be allowed to travel until the resolution of the case against him. His wife, who has already pleaded guilty to her indictments, but yet to comply with the Court’s verdict against her will want to accompany him, and his sons are already abroad. His assets are in Panama or other places surrounded by water. What are his ties here? Why to return, to what? In the immediate, a 3-front war, more steel sub investigations, continued internal political criminality, and taking the Stand in his not-going-so-well current trial. How he plans to travel to DC is a question since now he even has his own God Damned airplane that he ripped us off for! If Netanyahu, from the USA or anyplace else in the world announces that at the present time he cannot come back to Israel because he can run things better from the outside, or there is illness in the family, or something; what will Israel do? A few citizens will still agree and believe, some will follow, but most will demand extradition? He will have years of freedom while the legal battles carry on and, in the end, there will be a deal. This has absolutely nothing to do with politics, it’s Criminology 101. The Prosecution should today petition the Court for a Restraining Order prohibiting Netanyahu from leaving the country even for so called, matters of State and object to any maneuvers designed to further delay the trial. As during Corona, Zoom could be employed. Electronic ankle tagging provides no benefit.

Netanyahu’s attorneys asking the Court today for an extension of the trial until March 2025 since Netanyahu cannot be adequately prepared to take the Stand in his own defense due to the lack of time because of the press of the wars on the borders and the business of government is a classic red herring in a smoky sea of broken mirrors. And in the meantime, the Court has been spun with frivolous extension requests, the press of the wars on the borders and the business of government notwithstanding, there’s time to go to America.

From the US side, the invitation to Netanyahu to speak to the Congress should be rescinded without a raincheck. He is disingenuous, and does not uphold the rule of law, he corrupts it. Distilled to its purest form, his only interest is not to go to jail. Somehow, there must never be a verdict in his current case which he knows better than all will be guilty. He refuses all responsibility and denies accountability. He has no loyalty, therefore no real allies. He has delegitimized himself, demeaned and shamed Israel and the Jewish people. He does not deserve the privilege of addressing this august body or the opportunity to use it as a platform for his schemes.

The people of Israel say thank you to the people of the USA and gratefully acknowledge that we are beholden to President Biden, his Administration and the Congress. Netanyahu’s thank you in the name of the people would be specious. His words and behavior are contrary to what the Congress stands for; it would be disrespectful to the Capital and its members for him to be there. And as Groucho might say: “Even for the Lady in the turban”.

We turn to the wisdom of the Sages for guidance. If you have to ask if something is Kosher or not, it’s Not. Avoid it or get rid of it, likewise with Netanyahu at Congress. What is he going to say, what spin are we going to get today? Being honest and practical, who needs the headache? And hassle of all the idiot students converging on the Capital; he’s not worth it. Cancelling the event will be the simplest, smartest and most beneficial. Perhaps an administrative snafu that just came to light; an inter-office memo that was lost and now found indicating that just when Netanyahu is scheduled to speak, the GSA will be shampooing the carpets and re-upholstering the chairs in the House. The GAO already allocated the funds, so there’s no going back. He deserves no better political correctness.

What bona fides, with what Standing have I written these lines? I am almost 70 years old, an US citizen and Israeli citizen living in Israel for the last 45 years. I am the child of a Holocaust survivor family who had the fortitude and good fortune to make it to NY where I was born and raised. America gave my family a haven to build a home and flourish. America gave me freedom and opportunity. I owe America. In the US, I stood for the Draft in 1973, but Congress told Nixon; No; thank you! I worked for the Legal Aid Society and private defense attorneys for 10 years at 100 Centre St., Trump’s home away from home. I started as a go-fer and became a NY State Court of Appeals Law Clerk/Legal Investigator, I was a firsthand eyewitness to the Tombs riot, and I studied behavior pathology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NY. My move and life in Israel are thanks also in part to the lessons the US taught me, a profound respect for the democratic process, fair play, and the truth. Especially today I am a very grateful and proud American.

In Israel, I was drafted into the IDF in1983, trained as a combat medic and served 22 years in the Reserves. I was a police officer for a few years in west Jerusalem and the Old City in the 1980’s. On both sides of the ocean, when something or someone is ‘dirty’, you know it. Today, my son is in the Reserves. It is infinitely easier to be a soldier, than the parent of a soldier. Having Netanyahu and Gang in place makes it that much more frightening and desperate.

I am still a proud Jew and proud Israeli; Netanyahu is clearly neither and should not be heard.


How do you write disclaimer in Aramaic?

Kol Nidre

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I was born in NYC in 1954 to a Holocaust Survivor family. I grew up Brooklyn, and was a Yeshivah boy and a member of Betar, I made aliyah on my own at the end of 1979 and have had many positions in IL Jewelry salesman, photographer, police officer, tour guide, and others... I established a medical start-up based on my own invention and made a successful exit. I'm married with 2 kids, a daughter and a son.
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