United Hatzalah President Eliezer Yehuda ben Chaya Needs Your Urgent Prayers


It is now Sunday Morning in Israel; I finished davening, checked the news and found the following story posted on Yeshiva World –

I was in shock to see the video of Eli Beer shortly before he was placed on a respirator due to his worsening condition after he contracted the Coronavirus, which I wrote about a few days ago.

Eli needs your prayers, and he needs them urgently.

For the first time, this past Shabbat, it was arranged by Hashem that we would all be required to stay home with our families. We were able to spend quality time with our loved ones, we could stop and think how grateful we should all be for everything we have and everything G-d has given us.

But unfortunately, Eli Beer’s family does not have that luxury, as Eli struggles to breathe on a respirator in Miami. He is far away from home, away from the family that loves him so much.

I am not only talking about his immediate family, but all Israelis, especially those like me who have benefited from the services of United Hatzalah  and its 6000 volunteers who risk their lives 24/7 to save ours.

While we are all at home, waiting for the Coronavirus to pass, it would be very special of all of us here in Israel, and those outside of Israel to say prayers for Eli’s speedy and complete recovery.

As I wrote in a previous Blog, my grandson was given a 2% chance to live even before he was born due to the discovery that he did not have a properly formed diaphragm.  With the power of prayer and Tehillim from our family, friends and community members, he survived.

It is my wish that we will see Eli Beer back up on his feet very soon so that he can return home to Israel to be with his loved ones once again.

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