Alon Fisher
Alon Fisher

Unsanctimonius Nihilists

I have now actually figured what the United Nations really is all about or what the perfect acronym for the U.N. should be. Quite frankly,most of you may have similar ideas but this is the most accurate one I can fathom in terms of their sacrilegious and Anti Semitic policies towards Eretz Israel and the Jewish people as a whole. Useless Nobodies?Uninvolved Nincompoops? Uber Nazis? Perhaps all of the above. No other organisation in our history apart from the National Socialists in Germany and the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisition/Auto Da Fe have dedicated themselves to our destruction as a people or to such a grand scale. What the above-mentioned parties did was to cut us off physically from existence as a people. What they didn’t entertain yet, at least is the very fact that our birthright should be denied and our history extinct from the annals of mankind.

Then came UNESCO, an organisation dedicated to our spiritual destruction as a people by denying our links based on our very heritage and existence as a people in the Ancient land of our forefathers. First they declare East Jerusalem as a Palestinian area, then they move on to pass a resolution to deny our rights to the Kotel and Temple mount. Now their newest low they have sunk to in their Anti Semitic and Nihilistic approach is towards our birthright. By declaring that we have no links to the ancient tomb of Patriarchs where Abraham and our forefathers rest. thus denying the existence of the very essence of the Bible itself.

Who is the United Nations? What drives them? And why are they still necessary?

In order to secure a global understanding, after the League of Nations fell apart due to the Second world War they sugarcoated the same bobbeh meiser with fancy blue helmets calling it the United Nations. The United Nations has been mum and silent throughout its existence on a variety of human tragedies ranging from the civil war in Biafra to the East Timor crisis. Infact Never again means almost nothing to these demagogues. Further evidence of this can be seen in Rwanda where they sat by and watched as Hutus and Tutsis were slaughtering each other on a grand horrific scale which shocked the world but proves once again they a toothless blue helmeted paper tiger. All these schmucks do is rant and moan the moment Israel comes up on their agenda. Why are we constantly on their agenda? Surely there must be Ulterior motives to this?

From Eretz Israel’s inception, resolution after resolution was passed against Israel all the while Nasser used chemical weapons with nerve gas to support an uprising in Yemen. It is Eretz Israel that took the initiative that made the miracle of the six day war where we bombed those very same planes on the ground. The United Nations butthurt only surfaced then, yet ignoring the plight of helpless Yemeni rebels getting gassed to death by Nasser’s Migs. Even in the Sinai, Egypt closed off our port of Eilat and when we responded with the Sinai campaign we were earmarked as the aggressors. When China was busy deporting and persecuting Tibetans the United Nations did not pass a single resolution. Yet after the Six Day War the outrage that followed was unspeakable in masses of hysteria directed against Israel, When the Turks started building settlements on Northern Cyprus they were conveniently overlooked, yet when we started building our own communities and reviving Yehuda and Shomron with emphasis on Hebron we were called the occupiers, aggressors.

When Idi Amin took in hostages from a hijacked airliner we launched the most daring historical hostage rescue operation, destroyed his entire air force with recoiless gun jeeps the world condemns Israel. Notwithstanding Idis exploits in his own country, namely mass murder,genocide,aggression against Tanzania and the list goes on. Yet the United Nations in its height of Chutzpah condemned the rescue operation of Israel’s very own civilians. Now these Anti Semitic Nihilists denied our links to the Ancient Machpelah cave in Ir Hevron where our patriarch Abraham Avoteinu rests all because we are the Jewish people living in our sacred promised land.So our very existence offends their nihilistic sensibilities. It started with the communities in Yehuda and Shomron, now it even evolved into denying our links to the Beit Hamikdash by declaring it an Islamic site ands denying any Jewish links to it at all despite the overwhelming archeological evidence.

Even the the Jordanians did the utmost to destroy every trace of ancient Jewish life in Jerusalem prior to the Six day war. The latest assault is on our dignity and our very existence as a people, by denying our cultural links to the resting place of our forefather Abraham. So now the United Nations have been identified for the sacrilegious entity they are! The Unsanctimonious Nihilists! Yet that shouldn’t surprise you with all the leading Arab bloc and loony left states having a majority share of the blueberry helmet pie, which leaves us with a bad taste in our mouths.What credit would it to them after all to openly recognise our birthright which doesn’t suit their own agenda of a Judenrein Palestine?

About the Author
Alon Fisher was born in Israel and grew up mostly in South Africa. He has always taken a keen interest in the SA-Israel relationship and the demonisation of Israel evident in so many South African and global institutions. He suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and therefore thinks "out-of-the-box."
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