UNSCR #2334 and the Jewish People in 2017

And so now the United Nations Security Council’s Resolution #2334 is officially branding the Jewish State as “Occupiers”, which is a legal way of calling Israel a thief that has been stealing/colonizing parts of the land of Israel from the Palestinians (and others), including the holiest sites in Judaism, i.e. – the whole Old City of Jerusalem, and even the Temple Mount itself.  As a result, all who live in these territories are now apparently, criminally guilty. Truth be told, the Torah says that we didn’t steal anything, we didn’t take anything from anyone. God recorded His mighty works in the Book of Genesis, only in order to document the Jewish People’s right to the Land of Israel.  Period.

Having said that, how could this Resolution come about? It came about because it’s based on a lie.  The lie of Occupation. How can we Israelis fight a lie that gains momentum and validity with every passing year? The Foreign Ministry, as well as people like myself, have used the media to present the truth time and time again, imploring the world not to believe the lies of the PA, the UN, J Street, the BDS Movement, and NGO’s such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, B’tselem, etc.  Now there’s only one path left, because all else has not succeeded to the degree necessary to stop the hypocrisy.

I ask: If this resolution is good for the so-called “Two-State Solution,” why are Hamas and Islamic Jihad so happy?  You know something’s wrong when those cheering the resolution are two terrorist groups that are actually opposed to a two-state solution (not to mention Israel’s very existence).

Therefore with respect to the latest crisis vis-à-vis Israel and the UN, let it all go.  That’s right, from a religious, Torah perspective, let Obama have his malicious day in the sun.  Let him vent all his rage and continue his rampage against Israel by formulating anti-Semitic resolutions, and using the UN as his personal bashing club.  Let another anti-Israel resolution pass aimed at prosecuting Jewish soldiers and settlers at the International Criminal Court of Justice, and yet another outlining a Palestinian State. Let the French-sponsored international conference (gang-up) on the Israeli peace process go ahead right before Trump gets into office.  And yes, let all those morally bankrupt and hypocritical nations get it out of their system once and for all.

You know what? Go ahead, make my day.

Shouldn’t we fight it though?  Should Israel not get the Shin Bet to go after some of these UN guys that are working feverishly right now to wrest control and setup checkpoints in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem? They’re working hard now. After all, the PA only has a precious 3 weeks to get everything into place before Trump comes officially into the picture.

Although I do list 7 important (and immediate) To-Do items at the end of this article, the answer to the question generally speaking, is NO.  Let them do their thing, as bad and hurtful and dangerous as it may be.   Am I an extreme lefty, liberal, vegan type?  Nope.  Am I into punishing Israel for war crimes, occupation, and apartheid? Nope.  I’m not into evicting the settlers either.

Indeed, it’s hard to find a way for Israel to win the battles now, during these “End of Days” scenarios against all the other nations. Unfortunately, that’s what it has come to. In fact, many Israeli MK’s have now come out publicly asking what the point is in fighting the whole world as part of a diplomatic war.  I’m not saying we should give up our sovereignty or take on an appeasement approach, heaven forbid.  But there is a way though, for Israel to win the war.  In other words, let them win the battles, but in the end, we, the Jewish People will win the war.  And when we do, all the land that was taken from us, including Gaza by the way, and even parts of Syria, will be back in our hands.  Greater Israel. Forever. God will take His own revenge when the time comes, and Israel will be vindicated. Big time.

How might this be accomplished?

The ONLY way of winning this diplomatic war that has been thrust upon Israel (and all those Jews and non-Jews that love her and stick up for her) is to be put in an inextricable situation whereby there is no hope of keeping our land anymore, and we turn our faces upwards, reaching out to the One who gave us this Good Land in the first place.  We have to be in a situation where we have to rely solely on Him to redeem us, and make that known to everyone.

Barak Hussein Obama and the State Dept. have already given the green light, also under the auspices of the UN, for Iran, Israel’s sworn enemy, to go ahead and eventually make nuclear weapons, arming them to the hilt, and if that’s not enough, sending over plane loads of hard cash just to make sure they can afford the missile capability, etc.  But get this, it’s also illegal for Israel (or any other nation) to attack Iran while the nuclear agreement is in place.  So, if I understand this correctly, first Israel must end all building in the West Bank and eventually evacuate the Western Wall Plaza (see the article by this author called: “Al-Buraq: the new Palestinian Western Wall”), then evacuate Hebron, Shiloh, Maále Adumim, all of Judea and Samaria, the entire Old City of Jerusalem, and make sure that not even one Jew remains.  Abu Mazen has stated this publicly many times, namely, that his new PA state will be devoid, i.e., ethnically cleansed, of all Jews.  That’s the first step.  Then, checkpoints would be setup delineating the new PA State’s borders, based on the indefensible lines of 1967, as will be set out during the upcoming France Conference, to be imposed on Israel at the first available opportunity. Then after that, if things get a bit hairy because Israel isn’t about to just roll over and die, Iran can take out the bombs in order to settle the score once and for all.  All of course, condoned and supported by the United Nations, including the use of military force, if necessary.   All of the above may happen at the same time, but could take up to 10 years if Israel puts up a fight.

One thing for-sure, Obama and his cohorts are banking on Israel fighting back before President-elect Trump comes into office, and are looking forward to it. In fact, it’s already part of the equation! Although Donald Trump himself is a tad unpredictable, we do know that he is essentially pro-Israel.  How he intends to make “the ultimate deal” re: peace in the Middle East is yet to be seen though. But let’s face it, if Obama is successful in forcing a Palestinian State at the expense of Israel, he becomes a hero for most of the civilized world. This is precisely the legacy he is desperately craving, pretty much at any cost.

So how do we, the good guys, win when the whole deck is stacked against us?  As mentioned previous, when the Jews collectively are put into a corner with no escape we inevitably call out to the God of Abraham, who was the first Jew, to come to our aid against our enemy, the B’nei Yishmael, and he ALWAYS comes through in one way or another.  It’s a fact folks. This story repeats itself many times throughout the Tanakh in the many battles with the Plishtim (not to be confused by the way, with the “Palestinians” – who never existed as a people until after the Oslo Accords).  These battles continued until after the destruction of King Solomon’s Temple, and even during the times of the Second Temple when the Maccabees, the Jewish Priests, rose up and tore up the evil decrees of the mighty Greeks, slaying and abolishing them all, becoming the miraculous Hanukah holiday we are celebrating at this moment, as I write these very words.  The whole reason why the Maccabees fought all those wars against the Assyrian Greeks in the first place was so that the Jews would not have to abandon the Land of Israel and the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

In 2017 there is a similar fight.  The Muslim Arabs are bent on taking over our small parcel of homeland in the vast Middle East in order to throw us into the Mediterranean Sea, and abolish forever any lasting Jewish Homeland and remembrance of the Temple. President Obama and company are just giving those guys a little head start. Do you think the Creator of heaven and earth would permit such a thing to happen again?  The word ‘Israel’ never to be seen again on any map after the ultimate (and successful) comeback after 2000 years?  Non. Nein. Nada.

When I worked at an investment bank in Toronto, my fellow techie in system support was a devout atheist.  He would often ask me for proof of God’s existence.  I answered him that the best proof of God was/is me.  Yes, me.  The Jew.  As Mark Twain put it so succinctly in his famous quote, no other People or Empire has survived going back over 3300 years except for the Jews (Google it!).  What is his secret? The secret is that the Chosen People have divine protection, and He has a master plan that includes them in the future, as well as the Holy Land of Israel, and a Third Temple.  The Temple, which will by the way, NOT be in occupied Palestinian territory, will have the ultimate weapon of power, the Ark of the Covenant (for a comprehensive insight into what and where that might be today, please see the author’s book: “The A.R.K. Report”).

Now, I do agree that something should be done temporarily, but practically speaking, what can we do today in terms of a realistic and rational response to this, that will also boost morale for Israeli’s at the same time?

Here are my Action Items:

  1. Cut off all ties and funding to the PA and the UN as well as their counterparts, i.e. – “Observers” such as the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH), the World Council of Churches, etc.
  2. Lobby the US to initiate a law prohibiting any US funds to be spent directly (or indirectly) in support of this Security Council resolution
  3. Draw our own international borders unilaterally that Israel can strongly defend, and then call a press conference to announce it publicly
  4. Immediately draft and approve all new construction permits in East Jerusalem
  5. Promote, expand and annex all the West Bank settlements now, including Amona. Fact is, there’s really no point in dismantling Amona anymore because apparently, as of yesterday, it’s not ours to negotiate!
  6. Implement programs across the country that empower citizens to feel (and show) their national pride and love for everything Israeli. Everything from marketing bumper stickers and flags to an innovative TV-commercial “I LUV ISRAEL” blitz across the media spectrum
  7. The Foreign Ministry should prepare a media blitz to keep sending every week to all countries with diplomatic ties stating what I wrote here at the top of this article: “The Bible says that the Jews didn’t steal anything, and didn’t take anything from anyone. God recorded His mighty works in the beginning of the Book of Genesis, only in order to document the Jewish People’s right to the Land of Israel”

How long these initiatives will last is anyone’s guess, but it’s the least we can do for now.

My message:  Whatever might happen in the upcoming months of 2017 and beyond, do not give up hope in our Jewish destiny, and do not leave Israel for what seems like safer havens abroad. Those safer places will not last.  It may require no small measure of physical bravery, and even more spiritual courage, but I dare say the future for the Jews is in only one place, and that’s here in Israel.  The irony is that even the Arabs know it, and this is their last breath to garner all 140 nations to surround Jerusalem and then divide it, and Israel, into two. Their goal is the eventual deployment of UN forces to these “battle zones” in Israel.  Their fight is not just against the Jewish State, but in a certain sense it’s against God Himself.  It may not be easy, and it may get scary, but I guarantee that the One Above will not let the people that support Israel, and especially those who live in Israel itself, down.  Not now, not ever.

At the end of the day looking at the big picture, this is our ultimate consolation and peace of mind moving forward, i.e., knowing that the concept of a Greater Israel will soon be a reality. An Israel that will continue to embrace every human being, and we can already thank God for that.  And as Jews the world over say with joy on Passover every year for millennia, I wish everyone for 2017 and beyond:

L’shana Habah B’Yerushalayim Habnuyah!”


Harry H. MoskoffRemi Award Winning Film Producer and Writer of “The ARK Report” is a Canadian-born ordained Rabbi, and is acclaimed as the ‘Ark Expert’ for his extensive research into the Ark of the Covenant and other hidden Temple artifacts. He is Managing Director of Moskoff-Media (Israel), a consultancy for media and political organizations since 2012. He can be contacted at:  

UN Headquarters in NYC

UN Headquarters in NYC

About the Author
Investigative Archaeologist - Jewish Temple Artifacts. Remi-Award winning Film Producer and Writer of The ARK Report, Harry Moskoff is a Canadian-born investigative archaeologist and Managing Director of Moskoff-Media (Israel), MMLC. His intense interest in biblical archaeology and politics has made him a prolific contributor to several Israeli publications and an internationally acclaimed expert on ancient Jewish Temple artifacts (Roman period). The press has recently dubbed him as the "Real-life Indiana Jones" for his many years of work and research on the subject.
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