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US Senate Election in Georgia – Warnock vs. Walker

Most politicians and political observers believe that the 2022 elections will be crucial in determining the direction of the country for the next several years – politically, economically and socially. In my opinion, it is likely that the GOP will gain control of the House, but control of the Senate is up for grabs. Currently, the count is 50-50 with VP Harris able to cast the deciding vote, if necessary. Control of the Senate is crucial for a number of reasons, such as determining the chairmanship of various committees that will shape legislation and deciding whether or not to hold hearings and conduct investigations with respect to certain matters.

As I write this, there are a small handful of Senate races that are too close to call. These races are critical to both parties for the above reasons. One such race is the contest in Georgia between Raphael Warnock, the Democrat incumbent, who won a special election in 2020, and Herschel Walker, the GOP challenger. There are several others, such as AZ, NV, WI, PA and O, among others, but this blog will focus on Georgia. As I write this, the latest polls show Warnock with a 3-4% lead, well within the margin of error. We can debate the validity of this poll and polls, in general, but that is not the focus of this blog. My point is why is Warnock leading at all? How anyone who is cognizant of his past comments and political positions could possibly vote for him is a big mystery to me. Perhaps, his supporters are unaware of how radical he is. Perhaps, the biased media has covered up or ignored his past. Therefore, as a public service I will provide the information. Then, voters can decide for themselves.

1. Warnock has been a virtual “rubber stamp” of President Biden’s policies. He has voted in support of Biden 96% of the time. Since Biden’s approval rating in GA is a mere 33% this, alone, should disqualify him. But, there more, much more.
2. Warnock is on the “wrong side” of all the issues that voters care most about in this election.
3. He opposes cash bail.
4. He is “soft” on crime, for instance, he favors defunding the police and has characterized them as “thugs.”
5. He favors open borders.
6. He opposes energy independence.
7. He favors no restrictions on abortion, even up to the moment of birth.
8. He wants to eliminate the filibuster.
9. He has made various anti-Israel and anti-Semitic comments. He has been a supporter of Louis Farrakhan , Reverend Wright and Fidel Castro.
10. He was actually arrested for obstructing an investigation of child abuse at a church summer camp he ran.
11. He has failed to keep up with child support payments.
12. He has a violent past. For instance, he once ran over his ex-wife’s foot with his car.


As I said, many, if not most Georgians are probably unaware of the foregoing. Instead, they have been bombarded with the story of Walker allegedly paying for his girlfriend’s abortion. Notice, I said “allegedly.” It has not been proven. It could very likely be more Dem disinformation to distract voters from the more serious issues. This is what Dems always do, and unfortunately it often works. However, I maintain that even if true it pales beside the foregoing.

Georgians should focus on what’s important and avoid being distracted. The key questions are (1) are you better off today than you were two years ago, (2) do you want six more years of the same, and (3) do you want to be represented by the man described above – a Biden “rubber stamp,” a bigot, and a person prone to violence? If you are thinking clearly and logically the answer should be a resounding NO!

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