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US Senate Passes Anti-BDS Legislation. Listen up, US House of Representatives!

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Seventy-four out of one hundred United States Senators recently voted in favor of the “Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act.” The 4-part bill includes anti-BDS legislation that gives federal protection to the 26 states which have already enacted varying iterations of legislation to help derail the BDS train of antisemitism. The short description of BDS is “economic warfare against the Jewish state.” The bipartisan package now goes back to the House of Representatives. Some Democrat Senators, including Chuck Schumer, voted in favor of the bill. Let’s hope the Pelosi-run Democrat House will follow the Senate’s lead so that the law can go to President Trump’s desk. It will be interesting to observe how Speaker Pelosi interacts with her outspoken trio of new congresswomen, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, and Tlaib who are not fans of the Jewish state.

In the meantime, I challenge anyone, inside or outside Congress who supports the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions (BDSers) movement to carve out just one hour to read about Israel’s staggering list of innovations. Use this link and log on to, the largest site in the world that catalogs Israel’s innovations in science and technology, arts and culture, humanitarian aid, daily life, and more. Some of what you read about Israel’s innovations-like creating water out of thin air- sound like science fiction, but it’s not.

I’m also issuing a challenge to Code Pink, Linda Sarsour, Women’s March leaders, congressional BDSers, and the National Council of Churches. And to Iran’s Imams and President Rouhani, “Do you want to blow up a nation that does and will benefit you especially if you are ill, or your crops won’t grow, or you don’t have enough water, or your eyesight is failing, or a family member is crippled, or needs a transplant?

Here’s a pinhead-size list for any BDS supporter who is willing to exhibit intellectual curiosity. (Credit and many thanks to
• Mobileye, vision-based advanced driver systems providing warnings for collision prevention
• ReWalk a bionic walking assistance system that enables paraplegics to stand upright, walk and climb stairs.
• Corrective eye drops which could provide an alternative to glasses, contact lenses and laser surgery
• Israel’s Collplant which created 3D bioprinted lungs for global transplants has a deal with an American biotech firm to make human organs.
• Israel’s HomeBiogas- a bio toilet that feeds directly into its backyard. For millions of people around the world lacking sewage lines or basic lavatories, it’s an answer for waste disposal and energy production.
• WaterGen, a machine unit which makes water out of air. Already used by California firefighters

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Although supporters still jump on the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions train, most of the congress in the past has boarded an anti-BDS train powered by common sense untainted by antisemitism. Yet, the BDS passenger cars are filled with more numerous House Democrats who are either under the delusion that they are doing good or are outright opposed to the Jewish state itself. They disavow antisemitism yet wear a cloak that blocks out all the light that Israel shines into the world.

BDSers lay blame and shame on Israel, singling out the only Jewish state, yet imperfect like every other nation on the world map. The BDS locomotive is chugging through countries worldwide off-loading antisemitic policies designed to plow into Israel’s economic health. Do BDSers forget that the Jewish state is 25% non-Jews? That BDS injures Palestinians, Druze, Ethiopians, Israeli Arabs, and Christians? If BDSers want to smash into the Jewish State’s economy, they will smash into every pocketbook of everyone living there.

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Here’s the reality. The engine that fuels Israel’s train is imbedded deep into the life-giving roots first of Judaism-then Christianity. God planted a blueprint for living throughout The Ten Commandments composed of love, compassion, justice and saving lives with additional Torah directions for a well-functioning society. The Jewish community calls it Tikkun Olam, “repairing the world.” Let’s pray the US House will pass “Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act,” and send it to President Trump’s desk for signing.

If BDSers disembark their “cursing train” to board the “blessing train,” I’ll greet them with a sincere, “WELCOME ABOARD!

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Arlene Bridges Samuels is a pioneer in pro-Israel Christian advocacy for more than two decades in positions with Israel Always and Earl Cox, Israel's Goodwill Ambassador to Christians and Jews, SE Region Outreach Director at American Israel Public Affairs Committee, (AIPAC) and International Christian Embassy Jerusalem USA's project, American Christian Leaders for Israel. Since 2020, she is the weekley featured columnist at The Christian Broadcasting Network Israel, and frequent Guest Columnist for Allisrael News and The Jerusalem Connection Report. Arlene co-edited The Auschwitz Album Revisited. Traveling to Israel since 1990, by invitation she attends the GPO Christian Media Summit and serves on the board of Violins of Hope South Carolina.
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