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US students fall prey to the terror propaganda

Pro-Palestinian protesters rally as Kamala Harris visits Boston / Picture: Boston Globe, Free for any platforms

Unfortunately, American students and some of their defenders don’t know what they want. They have no understanding of radical Islam, Islamic terrorism, fanaticism, Khomeinism, Shiite terrorism, the Muslim Brotherhood, or transnational terrorist network.

This chaotic situation has a history in American universities. When Marxist-Leninist leftists, along with Islamic leftists in America, protested against the late Shah of Iran, who was their best friend and the most truthful ally, and Jimmy Carter praised Khomeini and the White House called Khomeini a holy man!

What happened after the harsh winter of 1979? Iran, with 7,000 years of civilization, fell victim to religious and political Islamic tyranny, and the Middle East and global security were endangered, and terrorism prevailed. Of course, in Washington, betrayal occurred, and they even imagined in the White House that with the Islamic card play, radical Islam would act against the Soviet Union, and they didn’t know and didn’t want to know that most Islamic terrorist groups were Soviet collaborators like Yasser Arafat and…

Because of these unrealistic imaginations, this monster of radical ideology came out of its cage and took over the world. Of course, Khomeini paid Carter’s wages with hostage-taking. Some American students and professors were perhaps among the most detested in contemporary Middle Eastern history, Richard Cottam (Pittsburgh), Marvin Zonis (Chicago), James Bill (Texas), Richard Falk (Princeton), Bernard Lewis (Princeton), Thomas Ricks (George Town) to Lord Bertrand Russell and his Peace Foundation… were supporters and collaborators of Muslim Brotherhood and Khomeini’s terrorists!

Those students and professors at that time had not come out of ignorance. It was an unpleasant phenomenon. A group of educated people fell under the burden of preaching and defending a reactionary and destructive ideology that even today successive generations fall victim to. What wars have occurred in these 45 years and how chaos, turmoil, and disorder have taken the place of peace and tranquility.

Today, see that Khamenei, the dictator of Iran, Putin’s lackey, the supreme leader of the world’s terrorists, is pleased with this turmoil in American universities. He killed 700 people in these recent peaceful protests in Iran, blinded hundreds of students and young people with blind shots, and imprisoned thousands of people.

Do you protest for his satisfaction? Do Islamic terrorist groups care about universities, science, and students at all? They killed hundreds of Americans and shed their blood, the same people you pay to create chaos and disorder, protested?

Why and for whom do you protest? Why didn’t you protest when thousands of people wanted to escape the horrific religious tyranny in Iran and were killed, but Obama and Biden were busy writing letters and signing deals with the occupying terrorists ruling Iran?

Your protests are for brainwashing, for the propaganda of corrupt lobbies inside America. When the symbol of Islamic left (pro regime reformists) entered America and falsely spoke of dialogue of civilizations, but in reality, they were plotting against the whole world with Islamic terrorists and attacking American forces, why didn’t you protest?

When the killer of thousands in Iranian prisons came to New York or spoke at the New York CFR, why didn’t you protest and say let’s listen to the words of an Islamic terrorist and a wild mullah?

So, your table is only helping the destructive ideology of Khomeinism and the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey, Qatar, and Russia.

You have become victims of radical Islam and the propaganda of Islamic terrorism.

Iranian regime’s News Agencies / Picture : Iranian social media. Free for all platforms.

See how the newspaper related to the leader of the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic— Kayhan—is pleased with the unfortunate events at the US universities. In the 1960s and 1970s, Russia also started this shameful propaganda game in American universities. This time, the servants of the Russians, namely the Tehran regime, are using this vicious tactic. With toxic campaigns, they exploit the students’ lack of awareness and engage in brainwashing.

This dispute is dangerous for the future of these students and the American academic environment. Due to the influence of horrific and vile ideas from a group of evildoers, this situation has arisen… The students are unaware and uninformed, and they don’t recognize these destructive ideologies. They’re unfamiliar with Islamic Terrorism and Political Islam. While we should thank the FBI, this situation could lead to long-term radicalization. I hope that prominent media outlets will educate the dynamic and creative young generation that the media mafia of terrorist groups, like old Russia, uses this propaganda machine.

These student protests supporting terrorists like Hamas and the display of Hezbollah flags are an alarming sign for American Democracy. Although the law states that there’s no place for terrorists on American soil and America consistently fights against terrorism, the influence of the propaganda mafia linked to the Iran’s regime is regrettable. Many affiliates of the mullah’s regime have infiltrated and are active in universities, media, lobbies, research centers, Think Tanks and religious institutions. In the long term, this could be detrimental to the Democracy of American society. Historically, there has never been a similar instance where Islamic Terrorism and cannibalistic terrorist groups associated with the Islamic Republic have received such attention. Surely, the intel agents, stooges, and apologists of the criminal ayatollah’s Islamic Republic, Turkey, Qatar, and   Russia seem pleased with this disaster.

We are facing a situation where the young and educated assets in the US and EU have been brainwashed. A criminal leader in Iran, more deceitful and delusional than Hitler and   Stalin, has become the symbol of evil, Radical Islam, and   Islamic Terrorism. The danger of the destructive ideology of  Khomeinism now grips humanity in the 21st century more than  Nazism ever did. It’s time for the executioners to go, but the world, inactive and  paralyzed, watches the spread of radical Islam and is terrified of the development of its sinister propaganda.

Furthermore, it indulges in appeasement, which is akin to fueling the fire. There is a lack of global will to end this destructive ideology, as if the world is asleep and  indifferent to the growth of this cancerous tumor. The rogue regime in Tehran welcomes the expansion of Islamic caliphate thinking and the creation of Islamic Empire. Radical Islam and the mullahs have invested in the stupidity, ignorance, and negligence of others. Radical Islam and Islamic terrorism, for social and political influence, network and recruit supporters, and have operated in mosques over the centuries, marching towards the Modern West with thugs, and in recent years have also enlisted social networks and the internet.

China and Russia are not civilizational and ideological threats, but the dispute between Islamists and the West is both civilizational and ideological. Wherever they can, they bring destruction and also annihilate literature, cultural heritage, social norms, etc. Young Americans are influenced by the sinister propaganda of the mafia of radical Islam and Islamic terrorism, creating disturbances that pose risks to America’s Democracy and US  National Security.

At the end, To the Youth of America:

Look Towards Iran, a nation with a 7,000-year heritage, has been transformed into ruins due to the influences of Radical Islam and   Islamic Terrorism. Its people live in turmoil and rebellion because their money and wealth have been squandered on terrorist groups like Hamas. The country now lacks both democracy and freedom.

Before 1979, the Late Shah of Iran was a friend and ally to America. However, international Leftist groups betrayed him, selling him out to Islamic fanatic and criminal factions. Groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis operate under the supervision of the world’s leading terrorist, Ali Khamenei. You support Hamas, pleasing the dictator of Iran. In January 1979, President Jimmy Carter played the card of radical Islam, praised Khomeini, and for 45 years, the world has not seen peace from terrorism and chaos. Today, the Shia Crescent strangles the entire  MiddleEast. Be vigilant not to fall victim to brainwashing. Creating unrest in American universities only serves to delight figures like Khamenei, as well as Turkey, Qatar, the  Muslim Brotherhood, and   Russia. Appreciate the democracy and freedom of America, and don’t be swayed by the sinister propaganda of Islamic leftists. Without Israel in the Middle East, a destructive and fanatic ideology will engulf the world!

Be cautious! The rights to freely practice religion, speak openly, publish, and assemble shouldn’t be used to endorse the harmful ideology of  Khomeinism, to disseminate propaganda supporting Islamic Terrorism, to parrot the baseless claims of Khamenei, or to display the flags of Hamas or Hezbollah!

The spirits of the US “Founding Fathers” -Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Franklin, Alexander Hamilton—would be in turmoil today. Seeing Hezbollah flags at Princeton is deeply troubling. Hezbollah, an Islamic Terrorist organization, has killed hundreds of thousands of Syrians, Lebanese and American civilians and staunchly advocates for a Sharia state. God save America!

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Erfan Fard is a counter-terrorism analyst and Middle East Studies researcher based in Washington, DC. He is in Middle Eastern regional security affairs with a particular focus on Iran, Counter terrorism, IRGC, MOIS and Ethnic conflicts in MENA. \He graduated in International Security Studies (London M. University, UK), and in International Relations (CSU-LA), and is fluent in Persian, Kurdish, Arabic and English. Follow him in this twitter account @EQFARD
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