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The viral 'me too' Facebook campaign is achingly sad and absolutely terrifying; it is also a wake-up call

The deluge of ‘me too’ statuses – if you don’t know what this is, just get on Facebook for three minutes –  is both achingly, numbingly sad and also absolutely terrifying.

There’s no way I can comprehend it.

I cannot help but think that it is not coincidence that this viral message is spreading right as we are between the readings of the Torah portions of Bereishit and Noach.  The last verses of Bereishit describe how humanity had turned bad, and most of Noach is all about when humanity was almost destroyed because of its shocking behavior – the Flood – and the incident of the Tower of Babel, which also has behavioral ramifications.

The me too status right now?  Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences.

Coincidences are G-d’s way of staying anonymous.

Wake up call, people.

It’s not difficult.

Just act in a correct manner, period.

Act in the image of G-d, in a good, kindly and respectful manner to all beings, without pre-conditions, notions or biases, and we will have solved everything.

Act in a manner described in a quote I use when guiding in the Holy city of Tzefat and talking about the Messiah (by Danny Siegel):

“If you always assume

The person sitting next to you

Is the Messiah

Waiting for some simple human kindness

You will soon come to weigh your words

And watch your hands

And if he so chooses

Not to reveal herself

In your time

It will not matter…”

A messianic era will be one that does not have the notion of a “me too” status.

For all those people who are posting me too: Us, too. My blessing and wish is that humanity should learn a lesson for once, from our past, and that you should never have to write those words again.

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Betsalel Steinhart is a Licensed Tour Guide, and the Director of the Ramah Israel Institute for Ramah Israel. He lives in Bet Shemesh with his wife and five children.
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