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USA: From Democracy to Mobocracy in four years.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump Joe Biden is a PUPPET of CASTRO-CHAVISTAS like Crazy Bernie, AOC and Castro-lover Karen Bass. Biden is supported by socialist Gustavo Petro, a major LOSER and former M-19 guerrilla leader. Biden is weak on socialism and will betray Colombia. I stand with you!2:38 PM · Oct 10, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

Yesterday afternoon the world was subjected to the above tweet from the president of the United States that has all the makings of shaking the very essence of American democracy towards a mobocracy society. Its distasteful content has far-reaching implications for many of America’s minority population, including Jews.

It was a tweet of a desperate man attempting to hang on to the vestiges of power. The tweet is right out of the 1950s pro-Senator McCarthy era and his House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC).

Trump embellishes all that is repugnant in an individual. He is the archetype of a destructive lost soul whose aim in life, as president, has been to put a culture of fear into American society. During the past four years, he has exceeded one’s expectations.

Trump, who has repeatedly declined to condemn far-right groups, has ignited the fuel that many of his antisemitic and anti-black extremist supporters see as an acknowledgement of their racially inspired innate hate and intolerance of all that is good in America.

With just 24 days before the US presidential election, we are watching a president whose political thirst for power is so repulsive by many, it goes far beyond the pale. And, as it’s been said: “His actions are outside the bounds of morality, good behaviour or judgment.”

Trumptwit is riding high on top of a vicious heap of dirty rags that put many peaceful and decent Republican and Democrat voting citizens to shame.

Encouraged by the Trumptwit, we are experiencing a frightening infectious disease that contains no borders. Trumptwit is now the primary language common to many Americans who have become unable to differentiate between ignorance and conscientious stupidity and the ability to make intelligent decisions.

Trumptwit, the American, has lit the destructive match of revulsion unseen in modern-day U.S. history. He falsifies credible and substantiated information with such downright bullheadedness and utter ignorance. Simply put, he makes President Warren Harding look like a genius!

The little Trumptwits, in their eagerness to please their leader, are making every effort to subscribe to what they believe is their leader’s wishes.

There are many in America who believe in their great country, as they should. They believe their country is strong enough to ride out the wave of the toxic ideology pervasive in the Trumptwit. Sadly, I’m not so sure any more of a peaceful election outcome. Battles lines have clearly been drawn. The aftermath has been plainly defined.

It was Benito Mussolini who said, “This is the epitaph I want on my tomb: Here lies one of the most intelligent animals who ever appeared on the face of the earth.”

If this isn’t a Trumpism, I know not what!

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