Vote Leave to free ourselves from the greedy handcuffs of faceless Brussels bureaucrats

In an era where one can frustratingly listen with a craned-neck to identify differences between competing politicians during general election campaigns, the differences in the conflict between retaining our membership of the European Union and discarding it are numerous and blatant to all. It has been a welcome return to authentically adversarial politics.

Searching amidst the debris of the vitriolic, ad hominem abuse gleefully poured on each other during this rather colourful campaign, compelling reasons are found to uphold either position. Both arguments have strengths which the respective campaigns attempt to solely focus on and both have weaknesses hungrily snapped up by the other.

Ultimately, a decision to stay in the European Union will only be concretely formed upon an economic argument. There is irresistible evidence that leaving the EU on the other hand, will significantly enhance the possibility of lowering immigration to a manageable number, reclaiming national sovereignty and fortifying our national security. In short, this may be dubbed as an ‘economic versus ideologue’ debate.

Whilst I propose to vote to leave the EU, I shan’t pretend that there aren’t economic risks to leaving. The official leave campaign – Vote Leave – has been suspiciously but perhaps understandably coy and evasive whenever the topic of the economic outlook post a vote to leave the EU has arisen. Michael Gove laughably dismissed the plethora of expert opinion warning against leaving the EU as just that – the opinion of experts – which should be rightfully ignored and distrusted.

However, the doomsday rhetoric and estimations of Armageddon have been significantly exaggerated. The warning for example, that the pound will plummet post-Brexit thus causing economic turmoil is by no means a certainty. A cheaper pound could in fact increase exports as has occurred before and serve to strengthen the economy.

The assertion too that a vote to leave the EU would result in tariffs being introduced on foreign products is again inconclusive. One could reasonably argue that such is the magnitude of the exports to the UK from within the EU, that it would not be in the interests of European nations to establish tariffs. Alternatively, Britain could remain in the single market; an idea proposed by some within the Leave ranks.

The EU has wreaked enormous havoc on the economic stability of Europe with not infrequent enough bailouts of European nations payed for by the taxpayers of others and mass youth unemployment in Southern Europe. Thankfully, Britain did not join the Eurozone but this should serve as a striking reminder that expert option should not be blindingly and robotically digested. Furthermore, it should be beyond unbelievable that there are those who still hope we join this failed project.

Perhaps the most potent facet of the argument to leave the EU is sovereignty. An unhealthy percentage of laws in Britain are made in Brussels; up to 60% according to some. The European Union – which was originally designed as a common market – has evolved into a fundamentally undemocratic, supranational and highly charged, utopian political project. No one has voted the leaders of this dastardly scheme in and they certainly cannot be voted out.

Britain is fully subscribed to EU institutions such as the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) which overrides the adjudication of the Supreme Court in the UK. This is a fundamental attack on the basic notion of national sovereignty; a concept the EU so loathes. This can and has had catastrophic results. For instance, the intolerably elaborate time it took in deporting the Radical Islamist cleric, Abu Qatada, was due to the ECHR overruling the British legal system.

The EU is over-zealous in its attempts to constantly expand. The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has revealed plans for a EU army. This is a project designed to further remove the legitimacy of the sovereignty of nation states. The Remain campaign has incorrectly attributed peace in Europe since World War Two to the EU. This has no factual basis as it is abundantly clear that the continued cessation of war in Europe is due to NATO, not the European Union. Therefore, a plea declaring the necessity of an EU army for continued peace in Europe is simply not valid.

One of the EU’s principal beliefs is in the free movement of people. Those contending that the referendum debate is a toss-up between those who are for immigration versus those who are against have misunderstood the that the real dynamic is whether parliament can be in control of our immigration policy at all.

Those desiring to remain in the EU unfairly demand the Leave campaign declare what figure they will bring immigration down to in the event of a vote to leave. This isn’t a general election. Hence, the Leave campaign shouldn’t be required to present a full manifesto on a post-Brexit Britain. The numbers of immigrants coming into Britain each year should be the subject of a general election campaign whereby the electorate makes the decision. The crucial point is, that currently that decision is made for us by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

Additionally, there are those who vilify people wanting to alter the current reality of mass, unchecked immigration as ‘xenophobes’ and ‘closet-racists’. This has no foundation whatsoever and should be demonstrably clear it is an attempt to denounce and smear those with an alternative viewpoint.

Furthermore, with the irresponsible acts undertaken by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in admitting one million refugees into Germany from troubled places in the Middle East without any background checks at all, a vote to remain in the EU is choosing to extend ones arm to people of an entirely different culture. More alarmingly still, it is an open invitation to some with a basic antipathy for Western values and democracy, if not ties to harm-wishing terrorist organisations such as Islamic State.

David Cameron has had to backtrack, disqualify and deny his previously repeated calls and efforts to get Turkey into the European Union, a fact stated on the website of the British embassy in Ankara. Germany has been particularly strong proponents of this scheme and whenever it would be complete, would give an additional eighty million people access to Britain, credential-free.

The only way for Britain to secure its borders and assert a rigorously fair and simultaneously safe immigration system is if we determine our own policy on immigration in the national interest. That is only possible if we vote to leave the European Union tomorrow.

The erosion of British culture, morals and identity in the last half a century has seen many deleterious, if unintended consequences. The multicultural project has been detrimental to the education and upbringing of the young with British values.

The most misrepresented persons in public life are those who criticise multiculturalism and have to suffer the subsequent abuse which comes their way. In reality, one can generously accommodate multinationals but insist they subscribe to the culture of the majority faction and creed within the country. This is not racist, xenophobic or otherwise and should not be deemed as such.

A vote to leave the European Union is the last chance to save Britain. Culturally sedated for so long, a vote to free ourselves from the greedy handcuffs of faceless Brussels bureaucrats would represent fatal life-saving surgery for one on his deathbed. It won’t guarantee success or any of the projected results. Nevertheless, it offers an opportunity which cannot be missed. The socially conservative nature of the British population has long been popped beneath a tombstone and for decades now this country has bared a striking resemblance to the separation of church and state makeup of France. It is so in all but name.

Yet, if the religious character is irretrievable, that shouldn’t diminish the attempt to gain the cultural aspects of Britain back; notably the love of freedom beyond the snooping eyes of the state and traditional British values such as honesty and fair play. This is not an exercise in nostalgic yearnings nor of delusional, utopian imagination. It is the aspiration to improve the essentials of Britain to build a more stable country where patriotism flourishes and isn’t sniggered at or viewed as a basic tenet of Nazism. This can only be possible outside the European Union.

This is the last chance for Britain to free itself from this disreputable organisation. This referendum is a rare opportunity. Voting to remain will ensure Brussels retains and further tightens its vice-like grip over our country; one we will never be able to shake off.

A vote to leave is not a endorsement of Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson or Michael Gove or indeed any individual or organisation promoting a vote to leave. It is a vote for the doctrinal case to leave a body which is an insular, self-serving clique of elitist politicians, corporations and lobbyists which only seeks to expand and inevitably evolve into the United States of Europe.

We can stop it happening by choosing to Vote Leave tomorrow. We will never get this chance again.

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