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Waffle On Over This Hanukkah

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If you love fresh waffles and you love chicken and beef, you’ll love Mordy Menkes and his new South Florida kosher food truck business called Wild Flour Waffles.

I met Mordy at the Downtown Jewish Center Chabad (DJCC) Hanukkah Festival on Fort Lauderdale Beach. He was serving a menu of sweet and savory waffles that I never imagined would exist in the kosher space, from crispy marinated fried chicken on non-dairy waffles with maple syrup to pulled beef with pink pickled onions and horseradish on waffles. This food sounded so treif (unkosher), but it was under the Vaad of Miami and was amazingly fresh and delicious. Furthermore, the portions were stacked so high, I had to ask for an extra plate to divide the food between the two and keep it from toppling over.


Mordy told me how he started out as a mashgiach (kosher supervisor) for a number of kosher establishments in this area. He made it his business to learn all the recipes and how to cook them. Unfortunately, during COVID, Mordy found himself looking for new opportunities. He traveled for a year to New Orleans and California to discover the waffle business and combined it with some awesome kosher meat and other fun variations (bacon bits, chocolate fudge, marshmallows, ice cream, and more). He got himself a used mail truck that had been converted to a food truck, and voila, he was in this novelty kosher food business.

A few months ago, after Hurricane Ian, a destructive category 4 Atlantic hurricane, hit the Gulf Coast of Florida, Mordy was there in his truck on behalf of the Jewish community, handing out free waffle sandwiches to people in need. It’s a business, but it’s also a Hanukkah miracle here in South Florida to have this post-Covid kosher food success story. Also, as I watched Mordy fry the chicken breasts in the oil fryer, I couldn’t help but think of the oil of the menorah that lasted for eight days of Hanukkah. Overall, this is a lovely and inspiring Jewish community here in South Florida, where they know how to make being Jewish fun and exciting.

Today, his daughter was working in the truck with him, and they seemed to be having a good time but also serious about cooking and delivering this wonderfully tasty food to the customers waiting in line outside the open window. Mordy mentioned that he opened this year after Rosh Hashanah and is already working on other exciting kosher food ideas that will hopefully be available soon.


If you see Mordy in his kosher food truck doing catering or Jewish events, waffle on over and place an order from the menu, and you will gain a new appreciation for kosher fast food that delightfully “tastes like more.”

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