Yechezkel Moskowitz
Yechezkel Moskowitz

Wait, So the JCC Bomb Suspect Was Possibly Paid?

In a rather embarrassing moment for the greater Jewish community, the JCC bomb threat suspect, a millennial, was apprehended in none other then the city of Ashkelon, Israel – that is, after a rather long collaborated search effort by FBI, Lahav 433, and Israel police authorities.

The suspect, a 19 year old American Israeli – an individual who holds a dual citizenship – was using some rather accessible, but nonetheless sophisticated, technology. According to reports, this included SpoofCard to mask his number’s caller ID, which in this case was none other then a disposable Google Voice number!

Ohh but it gets better…

Per the reports, he used his SpoofCard account through Bitcoin, which is also untraceable, and then apparently routed his internet through proxies, making his IP address untraceable as well. Finally, as an added measure, during the calls he masked his voice – sounding like a woman – thus throwing off the scent completely…

While this may sound like a scene from some Bond or Mission Impossible movie the fact that a regular guy can figure this out is rather frightening, as I honestly thought this was only the repertoire of the CIA or the Shabak – you know the good guys (#Vault7). But then again, after all is said and done, I guess I should not be so surprised, after all we are talking about a millennial, and we are also talking about one smart yid…

Or perhaps not. Per the suspects lawyer, Galit Bash, the suspect has actually suffered a brain tumor at the age of 14, and as a result reportedly suffers from some severe medical and mental conditions, to the point where he was even – allegedly – rejected by the IDF being unfit for service – sheesh…

While I could not help my self finding this story bizarre as it is, I was truly bewildered when I noticed a report from the Arutz Sheva staff pointing to the fact that according the Lahav 433 investigation unit, a series of rather large deposits from overseas sources have been uncovered! According to the unit, such deposits suggest that perhaps the suspect was not only acting on his own, but may have been working on behalf of foreign interests – ohh my!

But if indeed this 19 year old millennial was working on behalf of some foreign interests, that is out of the state of Israel, it begets the question, who – I guess in the both United States and beyond – would have what to gain from such a “rise in anti Semitic activity”?

Unfortunately, a lot of people… 

Hey, I am not looking to point fingers, and I am not looking for some controversial headlines. But lets face the facts of this whole series of unfortunate events. Like I said, we cannot accuse anyone without any real concrete evidence, but one thing is rather certain, this was probably not paid for by the Trump administration, the RNC, or the majority of the factions within the Trump/Conservative movement party – which despite what you may hear, see and read in the main stream media coverage and beyond – they tend to be rather pro Jewish rights, support freedom for all and love Israel…

Of course, there is the argument that it will turn out to a be some grand scheme of white supremacists, rivaling the feats of some Bond villains… But personally I think that’s total rubbish and with any logical reflection falls flat on its head. Lets face it, how many of us can actually bring ourselves to give a few Neo Nazis in their grandmothers basement, any credit for anything, let alone such a feat of ingenuity.

With that being said – while the fate of this young 19 year old millennial and his masterminds are up in the air – lets forget not about the fact that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) took a certain narrative, and ran with it, causing a lot controversy in the intern.

Bottom line, for the ADL to run with a narrative which illustrated the Trump administration, his adviser Steve Bannon and their propaganda machine Breitbart, as the de facto cause for all of this anti semitic activity, was irresponsible and possibly dangerous to the Jewish community at large – especially if it turned out to be anyone other then the White Supremacists…

Our sages, taught us in Avot, siyag l’chochmah shtikah, that is, silence is a fence to ones wisdom. In other words, the sign of the wise is their silence.

With that said, the ADL has been proven to be wrong, as it has turned out to all be some sort of elaborate – hopefully – distasteful prank. So yeah, not some skinhead in his grandma’s basement and that, I think, is a really bad thing, kind of reminds me of the boy who cried wolf – get the picture…

Look, there is nothing wrong with condemning anti semitism, on contraire, its encouraged! But by leading on with a partisan narrative of defamation over the last several months, the ADL was aiming, ina rather irresponsible and dangerous fashion I might add, at nothing other then trying to make people like me feel guilty for voting and supporting the president – who as far as we all know is turning out to be a supporter of Israel and the Jewish people .

On a side note, the only anti Semitic activity I am aware of is that on college campuses – which by the way is for the most part perpetrated by left-wing, BDS supporters – and I can assure you that Iv’e never experienced being called out with an anti semitic slur by a skinhead. Furthermore, I can tell you that as an individual who identifies strongly Israel, and supports a Jewish state for the Jewish people (in a rather brash and open manner), Iv’e personally attracted the ire of these so called BDS supporters in many aspects of my life including at grad school as well as on social media.

Being that the case, I think it’s rather clear that an apology from the ADL is due, specifically directed to all us Jewish and gentile Trump supporters for accusing us of racism and inciters of hatred. In tandem, I think the ADL should take anti Semitic activity in this country seriously, and make some aggressive efforts to condemn and squash anti semitic sentiments where they actually exist – like those of Kieth Ellison over at the BLM movement, or those of Linda Sarsour’s over at the #ResistanceMovement.

As such, I don’t see how we can continue, as a community that is, to take the ADL as an anti defamation league rather seriously, being that it has time and time again made it clear of its intent to chase dragons while at the same time completely ignoring the kraken in our midst.

I look forward to the ADL taking steps to implement my counsel, its free and I don’t charge. Until then, I will continue to label the ADL as nothing other then the out of touch liberally progressive organization it has become.

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Yechezkel Moskowitz is an Ultra-Orthodox rabbinical student who aspires to be a leader in Jewish education using his Masters in School Administration from the University of Scranton. Yechezkel doubles as an opinionated blogger fighting for the American Dream Conservative Values and the Jewish State of Israel via his blog "Black Hat Conservatives" contributing regularly at various media outlets including red alert politics and on Twitter @ymosko, one tweet at a time.
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