Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


Gaza is booby trapped, has tunnels.

Maybe Israel’s government wants to avoid a ground invasion, to protect their soldiers’ lives.

Maybe they feel they can continue bombing indefinitely, and flatten Gaza. First the north, then the south.

Even though the IDF top brass say they are ready for a ground invasion, maybe, after their colossal failure two weeks ago, Netanyahu is not sure if he can rely on them.

Maybe that’s why U.S. military advisers arrived. So that Israel can ask their opinion.

Or (because the U.S. wants to delay a ground invasion of Gaza — to try to release hostages, and to have more time for U.S. troops to prepare for possible escalation), perhaps the U.S. wants the advisers to point out the difficulties and dangers of a ground invasion.

And so, we wait.

The Jewish people are good at waiting. We’ve waited two thousand years for Redemption.

Before that, we waited in Egypt, for G-d to redeem us. What a marvelous redemption that was. The Jewish people travelled in the desert, with clouds that protected, and a pillar of fire that lit the way. Snakes and scorpions were eliminated before them, so that they could walk safely in the desert.

Before that, Abraham manifested his faith, telling a world of idolators that there is One G-d. Issac displayed his willingness to sacrifice his life for G-d, on Mount Moriah. Jacob fathered the twelve tribes, fought an angel, and never wavered in his devotion to G-d.

We have a long history. A history of loyalty to G-d. A history of waiting, yearning, looking forward to G-d redeeming us.

Perhaps, now, after all these years of serving G-d faithfully, perhaps G-d will now once again redeem us, just like He did from Egypt, only with miracles that are so much more wondrous.

Perhaps He will now defeat our enemies.

Perhaps the world will now see clearly His devotion to us.

We’ve waited thousands of years.

As the children sing: We want Moshiach now, we don’t want to wait.

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