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War against Jews

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War has been declared against the Jews. This happens so often it is hardly news. 

Attacked by Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome, only Israel could we call home. Exiled from our land where can we go? Only where the medieval Kings and Queens said so. Some Kingdoms welcomed us in, but eventually places like England, Poland and Spain spat us back out with an evil grin. We were homeless, crying in our exile. We prayed Tehillim to make the time worthwhile.

Continued came the blood libels and pogroms, the Czars and Ukrainians gave us many qualms. The Zionist movement was a spark of hope, but when trying to go back to Israel many were told “nope.” Trapped in Europe came the Holocaust, generations to come were now lost.

Hitler was defeated and “Never Again” was said, but when Israel was founded the Jews were left for dead. They were immediately attacked by their Arab neighbors, a miraculous victory came from the Israeli militaries labors. Attacked again and again peace would never come. To the Arabs the Jews were nothing but scum. Jerusalem was once lost due to our sins, but in 1967 it was recaptured in Israels biggest win. We rejoiced but the job was not done yet, many Jews still suffered around the world who we could not forget. Jews were trapped in the Soviet Union, when they were free’d they reunited with their families in a grand reunion.

It’s hard to say our endless sufferings made Jews unsuccessful, the work to win all our Nobel Prizes certainly must of been stressful. Jews became leaders in politics, theater and science, the limits of what was possible we shattered with defiance. A tiny persecuted minority against every odd, has benefited the world with help from our God.

You’d think we’d be beloved for all we have done, but October 7th happened and a new wave of antisemitism had now begun. Who we thought were our allies spat in our face, we were backstabbed, hoodwinked and utterly disgraced. The day after over a thousand Jews died, people all over the world blamed the Jews with pride.

Calling for genocide against Jews was antisemitic “depending on the context.” Where was all this antisemitism coming from had us perplexed. Chants for “Intifada” and “From the River to the Sea” were heard across the globe, it feels like morality is about to implode.

War has been declared against the Jews, who are now going through terrible abuse.  World Jewry is currently not safe, this terrifying fact is not up for debate. Being compared to Nazis is now the fate of the Jewish State. Jews have found themselves on trial, having the right to defend ourselves the world is in denial.

If history has taught us anything it is this, Jew haters will always end up in an abyss. Jews have outlived the greatest of empires, our souls are immortal and hotter than fires. Am Israel Chai will be sung forever, Abrahams journey is ours to endeavor. The rise in Jew hatred should be an alarm, but survival is our good luck charm. I go to bed happy knowing I am a Jew, it never gets old and always feels new.

The Jewish nation is more united now than ever. If someone thinks we will ever disappear the answer is always never. We didn’t lose ourselves after an exile of two thousand years, we are here to stay so it appears. We have the land of Israel once again, our resolve to keeping it is infinity times ten.

War after war after war has been declared against the Jews throughout time, if only the murder of Jews was treated like a crime. But the Jews will survive for many thousand years more, and Jerusalem will remain our eternal capital like our forefathers before.

May this and all conflicts be at an end in the immediate future, a world of peace is never premature. So why not now can Isaiah’s prophecy come true and we can live in a beautiful world for me and you. “Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.” May hate turn into love evermore.

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Jacob is experienced in Israeli advocacy and very passionate to spread awareness for Jewish and Israeli causes.
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