War is hell

Émile Betsellère, (1847-1880) L'Oublié! (Forgotten) (1872), Musée Bonnat-Helleu, Bayonne, France. Wikimedia Commons

“Mordechai, I don’t understand all this talk about a ceasefire,” Moise queried.

“Well historically, it doesn’t make any sense. The Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and killed 2,403 Americans and by the war’s end—August 15, 1945—Americans killed over 337,000 Japanese civilians. During three and a half years of war the United States never considered a ceasefire only a surrender.  The war grinded on and civilians died. But now, one month after the massacre, most of the world wants Israel to stop the war that it never started. And do a ceasefire with Hamas, while the government of Gaza holds onto the hostages. It ain’t logical or fair,” Mordechai replied.

He continued, “On October 7, 2023, Israel lost 1,400 men, women and children to Hamas’ murderers and rapists and some 240 Israelis were taken hostage and Israel is now supposed to negotiate a ceasefire with Hamas. You gotta be kidding me. That smells like a crock of shit and tastes like hypocrisy.

“Moise, you’re an expert on civilians dying during modern wars so tell me how many American civilians died in 9/11attacks?”

“I think it was around 2,977.”

“And after 9/11 how many Iraqi and Afganistani civilians died?”

“I think about 432,000.”

“And how many US soldiers died fighting in VietNam War?”

“About 58,300.”

“And how many Vietnamese civilians died during the war?”

” From what I read, I think it was over a million.”

Then Moise continued, “During WWII, the Brits indiscriminately nighttime bombed German cities. Yup, you guessed it thousands died but no uproar from the rest of the world. And don’t forget U.S. General Curtis LeMay ordered the firebombing of Japanese cities because in his words, ‘The Japs deserved it.’ Curtis didn’t believe in surgical air strikes. He believed in total destruction of whole cities with conventional and atomic weapons. American and British bombs caused the death of over 337,000 Japanese civilians and over 570,000 German civilians.”

Moise paused and Mordechai jumped in, “Well you know what, I don’t have any compassion for those German and Japanese civilians dying. You see, I like paraphrasing U.S. General’s Curtis LeMay’s words, ‘Gazans deserved it.’ They’re militia committed war crimes and atrocities and now they want to parlez. Fuck ’em. The Gazans elected those miscreants and now Gazans must pay for the sins of its government.”

“Mordechai, those were exactly my sentiments. Ya know what we got here? We got a real double standard. It’s okay when the Brits or the Americans to bomb hospitals, schools or places of worship but G-d forbid the Jews do it. Those guys can nuke a whole city and the Jews don’t deserve to play by those rules. The Jews got to fight with one hand tided behind their back. It ain’t fair.

Since the days of before the Biblical sieges food, water and medical supplies weren’t allowed into the enemies camp. And yes, women, children and the elderly died horrible deaths.

But war is hell.

Nobody likes seeing dead babies being pulled out of rubble on their TV sets.

But war is hell.

And when you decapitate Israeli babies and burn old Israel men and women alive and rape Israeli teenagers, you forgo the opportunity to talk ceasefire and you only get to talk about surrender and you learn:

War is hell.”

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